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Very Good

For the Hardcore only

posted by Hollowcow (BUCHANAN, MI) Dec 7, 2007

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Intro- Virtua fighter is the definition of fighting games. You read the history of the game and you will find that it has always had the best fighting engine of all fighting games. This game was the first 3D fighter and to this day is still the best like it or not.

Graphics- To put it quite simply they are unmatched by any other fighter on any system. The clothing and character models beneath them look as real as they could. Virtua Fighter 5 is only rivaled by Dead or Alive 4 is terms of graphics. The overworld in Quest mode looks pretty awful and is the only real graphical issue with the game.

Sound- Not much to talk about here. The menu music is fine and the voice work is good enough.

Gameplay- this game is broken into several different modes consisting of Arcade, VS, Quest, and Dojo. Arcade is probably the weakest of these modes.

Arcade- You choose a character and fight through a ladder of matches that increase in difficulty as the game progresses. Most fighting games have a story to go with the Arcade mode but Virtua Fighter 5 does not. If you want to know a characters motivation for being in the VF tournament you will have to read the manual, which is lame. The last few matches also feel very unbalanced. Towards the end the AI feels like they know what you are going to do before you do it and you MUST come up with a cheap tactic to bring them down.

VS- This allows you to play against a live person either on the console or online. The online in this game is very good but unforgiving to new VF5 players. Unless you play with a euro player with a bad connection this game is lag free. The unranked matches are mixed up with people of all skill levels. The ranked matches however are cruel and only frequented by VF gods.

Quest- Quest is the best way to learn how to play this game. It has you choose a character and begin your rise to fame as an up and coming VF5 player. The main hub is made up of arcades for you to play against A.I opponents.

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boring and annoying

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Nov 6, 2007

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The two words best describing my impression of this game are boring and annoying. The characters were both. The fighting was both. I found that it didn't have as much fun or character as Dead Or Alive. They have attempted to go for a little more realism in the graphics compared to DOA, but end up looking bland and... boring... in comparison.

I did like the option of customizing my characters with accessories and changing the parts of their costumes around. You can never have too much customizing in a game.

The comments characters would make before and after fights were horrible. They aren't great in DOA, but there is some humor there at least. In this game, it sounds like someone tried to force some funny and poorly translated comments.

I only kept this game at home for 3 days. If you are really into these fighting games, you might like it a little more. But I would recommend DOA instead.

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posted by Wolfman13 (Hialeah, FL) Nov 27, 2007

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When I first saw this game I was going crazy couldn't wait to rent it, it remind me of the old version years ago on sega. How wrong was I as I started to play i couldn't believe how easy this game was in a matter of min i went trough 6 different fighter i didn't even loose one round or came close to do so, also i control handle is just horrible so stiff I had to press like 12 buttons just for a punch man how bad is that DON'T BILEVE THE HYPE THIS GAME IS A BUST

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