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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Alternate costumes

Each character has two appearances. Most are just two different sets of clothes. To see the alternate costume, hold Start at the character selection screen. Press X to select that character while holding Start to wear that costume.

Virtua Fighter 1 fighter model

Reach at least the First Dan rank with a character fighter. Choose that fighter, then hold Punch + Kick until the match begins.

Keep a winning streak in Kumite mode

If you have a good winning streak going in the Kumite mode and are about to lose, pause your game and return to the main menu. The game will save. Once you return into Kumite, you will still have your winning streak and no losses.

Jump attack

When a character is on the floor, press [Up] + [X].

Easy wins

Use the following trick to get an easy 100 consecutive wins. First, go into the options screen set the round count to "1" and change the ring from "Random" to "Select Stage". Go to versus mode with your created fighter and choose the smallest ring (Island stage recommended). Once the match starts, just dash into the other fighter so that he falls out of the ring. It is possible to get 100 wins in about fifteen minutes.

Alternate main menu for the background

Enter the "Game Option" menu, then press R1 to cycle forwards or L1 to cycle backwards through the list of backgrounds for the main menu.