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Becoming Assissin's Creed all over again!

posted by Dravenn81 (STUART, FL) Mar 31, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

19 out of 22 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

...I say that, because, as the game wears on it becomes apparent that during your travels across the "huge" Viking lands (5 - 6 minutes from coast to coast it seems) you're doing the same things on every island: Rescue Vikings, find money, liberate farms/stills/etc, and finally, battling. Don't get me wrong, calling a dragon to blow away a shaman and his cronies is NEVER a bad thing, but when that's what EVERY battle consists of, it gets old...quick. Sometimes there's a giant thrown in for good measure, but it's pretty much SSDD.

- Beautifully-made game
- Good control scheme for fighting
- Interesting cel-shaded FMV's

- Repetition in all aspects of gameplay
- Sound effects could be better
- No treasure, just gold...There are Vikings for crying out loud!
- No customization of equipment
- List goes on and on

I gave it a 7 because, with all the potential the PS3 puts out, this isn't the worst game to throw at it, but it's not the best either.

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Viking: Battle for Redundancy

posted by Stinkfly (WESTFIELD, MA) May 11, 2008

Member since May 2008

9 out of 11 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

I didn't think Viking was as bad as most people claim. In fact it's not really bad at all, it's just perhaps the most redundant game since Tetris.

You'll spend the entire game doing one of three things. Most of the time you'll be running back and forth to finish incredibly lame quests that are required to progress. Second to that you'll be dismembering your foes with the same attack sequence over and over and over. Third you'll be sneaking into the enemy encampment to retrieve an item required to then assault that very base with your army (yes it is as stupid as it sounds).

Viking brings absolutely nothing new to the table. It plays out its meritocracy very well though. I personally found it to be fairly well polished. I think people complaining that it got rushed and it isn't polished fail to see that this game was going to be a rehash of other games from the start and it is indeed a well polished mediocre game. You've got your attacks ripped from God of War. A dumbed-down quest system take from World of Warcraft. Plus you've got a weaksauce storyline that's been liberated from...well, take any game with a near nonexistent story.

Honestly, the most fun you'll have while playing this game is when you knock enemies off of cliffs or into lava with your shield. No, it's not a spectacular slow-motion sequence. It's about the only game play mechanic the developers may not have intentionally set out to do. Viking is just so god aweful linear.

As I said before Viking is not a bad game. It's just another game that will fall by the wayside 0 and for good reason. A game that while fun for the time being probably shouldn't get a sequel. And if it does, expect the same exact thing. Walking around back and forth while slashing your adversaries in the same manner repeatedly to a craptacular storyline. Don't buy it; rent it, beat it in a week and return it.

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A very fair review

posted by Liquidswar (BROOMFIELD, CO) Mar 29, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

32 out of 44 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

I'll try to be as fair as possible, listing the good and bad for you to decide if you'll like it.

Cons: The contrast in this game is horrible to the Nth degree. I have a 10,000 to 1 contrast t.v. and even then it's hard to distinguish shades of black from each other. Walk into a shadow and you'd disappear, if it weren't for the light medallion the developers cleverly placed on you. The graphic filtering is bad too -- you don't have even edges to things. Basically, the game developers gave up and left it 90% finished graphics wise. The game is a tad repetitive, but not in a way that gets boring.

Pros: It's still a fun game if you can get over the way it appears on most larger TVs. The best parts are the large battles you have -- similar to Heavenly Sword, but less artistic and more grit and grunt, slash and smash.

The game is definitely worth a play, not a buy. Just don't play it thinking it's going to be as good looking as some of the screenshots depict.

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