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Viking: Battle for Asgard


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Worth Playing Concidering the Age of The Game

posted by jacksonran (SPRINGVILLE, IN) Jan 22, 2013

Member since Aug 2010

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I would rate this game an 8 when it was first released but its about a 6 for today's games (2013). Its fun but repetative. You have 3 main islands and have to do the same general thing through all of them. Its a hack and slash but with strategy. (see below) with the Viking mythology.

Good: The combat system is pretty solid. You have to mix smash button, block, and your combo moves. So reflexes are needed. Reminds you of the A.Creed games at its basic. I like the general outline of the game too. You take over territories, free your people, and then unwillingly catch them bent over with their pants down. (since I can't place the "R" word) in a local overtaken area. Plus they had points of fast travel, that is always nice. If you are an achievement junky like myself, Play it on hard and get them all in one playthrough. Its too easy on "normal" mode.

Bad: The graphics. The were good for 2008 but not comparable to today, so be fair with that. Don't expect too much. I didn't like the repeat strategy. All the missions were, in general, the same. "its over ran, free our people" but the combat and the drive for the acheivements kept the game alive. Plus you did learn techniques along the way to kill them in different ways.

Ugly: The mythology is decent in my opinion but this game butchered it. They made connections between the "Gods" and their roles, but not enough. The story was too spaced and not well explained to keep you into it. Its not as bad as dark souls in that sence, but its no final fantasy. lol.

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Very Good

Definately try!

posted by Mr_Rager420 (WOODSTOCK, GA) Aug 27, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

I've rented this 3 times. It is a very good game. The quests are ok, repetitive but the overall, no exageration, full-scale battles, are awesome. It makes the game. The story is pretty cool, but It lacked the Norse appeal, in my opinion.

I think it should have a sequal, or atleast another game like it. It reminds me of Spartan Total Warrior. Though it has free roaming, the roam range is minimal to an island, but there are(spoiler) 3 islands/levels you have to play through. I suggest playing it on hard, it make it more challenging, and the battles last 2x's as long.

Very Good game, rent it if you're interested, your doubts will clear once you get to your first "army skirmish" ;)

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Greatest game in a while

posted by loganator57 (CHARLESTON, WV) Jun 29, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

This game was a blast! massive, i mean MASSIVE battles. Very fun. i loved this game. some parts of the game took some time to think. There are four huge islands you have to explore. About 2 huge battles per island. I couldnt beat the final battle, was very challenging! All in all a very great game! A good rent! Dont buy, no replay value. My gamertag is LOGANATOR 57 for Xbox Live. Add me! See you in the games!

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