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Very Good

Better than other games like it.

posted by 360FanBoi (CARDINGTON, OH) May 17, 2009

Member since Sep 2006

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I've never really been compelled to write a review here at GameFly, but this one grabbed me. I'm not saying that it's a breakthrough masterpiece by any stretch, but this game deserves to be Q'ed. Achievement mongers will be happy to know that this is an easy 1000/1000, but that's not why you should get it.

The game starts off with you in the first city and throws you right into battle without even a simple tutorial. That IS annoying, but the game is easy to master. The combat animations are fluid and the graphics are stellar, especially during the epic siege battles. The story gets wierd towards the end, but what do you expect from a game based on Norse mythology?

Bottom line, get it. It's one of the more under-rated games here on GameFly, and I don't know why. 8/10 for me.

Also a helpful hint to anyone getting this one: LT+Y is the counter-attack button. This is THE most important move in the game. You can upgrade it later on to perform a devastating quick blow. Just always remember to stay guarded while fighting and time your Y (dodge) when you see an enemy getting ready to strike.

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GF Rating


Quite a good game

posted by Zeromaxx (REDFORD, MI) Apr 23, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

10 out of 13 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

Like most games I play I played this game on medium (there were only 2 difficulty settings here) for the first play through. On normal I was entertained throughout the game and had little trouble winning and finding where I needed to go. The game gets extremely easy at the end if you buy the skill "Odin's Doom" and spam it, as it kills enemies quite quickly but by the time you get it you'll find you need the extra attack power. On hard the game entertained me through about half of the 2nd island, the mixture of already knowing what the game will bring and being quite a bit harder just bored me. I suggest playing on normal unless you happen to be an achievement monger (the "w" word is blocked). My one complaint about the game was that I saw the ending from the first line from Shaman Asta, most people who know the simple stories of Norse mythology probably will.

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GF Rating


Great at First...

posted by Porkchop (SANTA ANA, CA) Mar 28, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

26 out of 37 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

At first, i thought this game was amazing. You got to run around rescuing troops for your army, and the fatalities that you could perform were great. I just ran around killing people and trying to get everything i needed for the big battle for like 6 hours straight. The first battle was awesome. You had about 500 troops and got to use your dragon. The problem was it took like 20 minutes and all you did was kill the champions so that you could get the stones you needed for the dragons to attack the shamans. There were 2 parts that were exactly the same, and then you fought this huge champion dude, and it wasn't even that hard(and i was playing on hard...)
After that i thought that the game deserved another island WHERE YOU DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING. They didn't even change the names of the locations where the troops that you had to free were located. The battle was exactly the same again, only bigger.
Then you moved on the the third and final island WHERE EVERYTHING WAS THE SAME, only bigger.
It took forever to reach a terrible ending, and you had to put u with an extremely repetitive game to get there.
The only reason i don't give this game a 1 is because the first level was so much fun

I recommend renting the game, and not moving on the the second island.

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