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Above Average

Demon bisection simulator

posted by signal (LILBURN, GA) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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In Viking, you play as a young warrior named Skarin, and you've got orders (and the immortality that comes with it) to take down an evil race of corrupted man-like demons that have taken control of your homeland. You've got a sword and an axe, a little bit of magic power, and the strength of whatever army you can muster.

Simply put, it's Conan meets Crackdown, but not exactly the best of both worlds. Like Crackdown, you need to assault the enemy, but first you have to wear them down and build yourself up. You will need to liberate settlements to build up for a massive attack. Along the way, you'll dismember an awful lot of demons. All of your sneaking around, assassinating, or simply beating down the enemies with the competent fighting system will culminate with a massive battle to liberate a huge city.

The problem with this game is that we so rarely get into those massive battles, brutality comes at a price, and action may actually be the wrong place to go with this game.

These massive battles happen once every few hours of gameplay, and they really don't offer you many options. They definitely make you feel like a hero, but it's not possible to lose the fights through attrition; you must seek out key targets and destroy them to continue, and it's impossible to actually lose the fight.

The combat system is great for fighting small groups. But it's very easy to bite off more than you can chew, as you will get quickly overwhelmed simply because while you're beating down one guy, you will get hit in the back by someone else.

Cutting demons in half sounds cool, but about half the time it comes with a slow-motion effect, which eventually becomes simply irritating.

That's not to say that it's not fun, but you'll find yourself wishing there was more to it. It simply gets to be a little formulaic after you've done it a bit. Still, the game is worth playing. It's fun to hack up demons, and it's fun to play, at least for a while.

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GF Rating


Worth Playing Concidering the Age of The Game

posted by jacksonran (SPRINGVILLE, IN) Jan 22, 2013

Member since Aug 2010

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I would rate this game an 8 when it was first released but its about a 6 for today's games (2013). Its fun but repetative. You have 3 main islands and have to do the same general thing through all of them. Its a hack and slash but with strategy. (see below) with the Viking mythology.

Good: The combat system is pretty solid. You have to mix smash button, block, and your combo moves. So reflexes are needed. Reminds you of the A.Creed games at its basic. I like the general outline of the game too. You take over territories, free your people, and then unwillingly catch them bent over with their pants down. (since I can't place the "R" word) in a local overtaken area. Plus they had points of fast travel, that is always nice. If you are an achievement junky like myself, Play it on hard and get them all in one playthrough. Its too easy on "normal" mode.

Bad: The graphics. The were good for 2008 but not comparable to today, so be fair with that. Don't expect too much. I didn't like the repeat strategy. All the missions were, in general, the same. "its over ran, free our people" but the combat and the drive for the acheivements kept the game alive. Plus you did learn techniques along the way to kill them in different ways.

Ugly: The mythology is decent in my opinion but this game butchered it. They made connections between the "Gods" and their roles, but not enough. The story was too spaced and not well explained to keep you into it. Its not as bad as dark souls in that sence, but its no final fantasy. lol.

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Very Good

A fun and entertaining game......

posted by Warchief (WALNUT, CA) Mar 27, 2008

Member since Feb 2005

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This game was fun right from the start. the ability to upgrade weapons and basically learn new combo moves is great. I feel that this is a game that will be fun for everyone that plays it. Just remember when playing it that it is no epic game. It is a fun game a hack and slash. The graphics are pretty good the achievements for it are pretty cool to get and the story line is not that bad. I will say though that it is not a game that you should buy right off the bat. This is the perfect example of why we have gamefly.....if you love it like I do you can buy it but if you just like it then thank the lord for gamefly where you can have fun with out dishing out the 64.94 after tax. Great game overall

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