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Viewtiful Joe


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Gameplay Controls

Viewtiful Joe

Directional Buttons Highlight options
X Button Confirm selection
Triangle Button Cancel selection

X Button Jump (press longer for a higher jump). Double-Jump during Transformation. DOWN + X = Jump Down when in a tight narrow spot.
Triangle Button Kick
Square Button Punch
Circle Button Zoom
L1 Button VFX Slow
R1 Button VFX Mach Speed
Start Button Pause
Select Button Skip Demo
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) LEFT/RIGHT = Move Joe. UP/DOWN = High/Low Dodge.
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) UP/DOWN = VFX Zoom In/Out



Life Marks: This indicates Joe's energy level. When the markers disappear, it counts as one miss.
VFX Gauge: When Joe transforms and starts to use VFX Power, the VFX gauge monitors the strength of his VFX Power. When the gauge empties, Joe becomes normal again. The gauge's power replenishes over time.
V-Films: Collect 50 V-Films and you'll earn 1 Mass Unit, which boosts the VFX Gauge to maximum. (The gauge resets to its initial level at the beginning of the next stage.)
V-Marks: Appear when you defeat enemies with any special attack. When you get enough V-Marks, they're converted to V-Points.
Enemy: Defeating enemies earns V-Medals which you for power-ups. You might also earn Bonus Points for defeating your opponents.
L.I.V.: Short for LIFE IS VIEWTIFUL. Indicates how many lives you have.
Boss Life Gauge: Appears during a Boss fight and gauges the Boss's energy level. When all the markers disappear, the Boss is toast.
V-Points: Use these points to power-up on the power-up screen after completing a stage.
Task: Explains the mission task. Each scene has a mission you must complete to go onto the next stage.
Items: Pulverizing objects and enemies causes valuable items to appear out of thin air. Find out how these can make the difference. Some of them are:
-Cheeseburger: Restores one life.
-Blue Bottle: Pumps up VFX Power.
-Red Bottle: Makes VFX Power infinite while it lasts.
-Controller: Knocks out enemies for a while.


VFX Slow: Press the L1 Button. Use your VFX Slow power to make everything move in slow-motion or slow-mo. Find out what happens when you: Slow-mo a Propeller. Slow-mo a Bomb. Make a tiny water drop look gigantic. Turn a teensy punch into a powerhouse slug.

VFX Mach Speed: Press the R1 button. All Joe's actions burst out at High Speed. Find out what happens when you: Pile up one punch after another. Expand and attack foes from every angle. Move objects at Mach Speed. Turn a spinning propeller into a whirling blade!

VFX Zoom: Press the Right Analog Stick UP or DOWN to Zoom IN or OUT of normal size. Pull off unstoppable special attacks. Find out what happens when you: Zoom and punch to make Joe's fists rapid-fire. Zoom and kick for a 360-barrage. Zoom and jump to "Make Joe's day!"


When you perform Combo Attacks, you a V-Mark will appear on the screen. Rack up a bunch of V-Marks and you'll get V-Points. Then turn around and use these to get power-ups after you clear the scene.
V-Pow! Punch up in the air and knock out a bunch of baddies.
V Ka-Pow! Use VFX Power to pounce.
Woo-Hoo! Accumulating loads of V-Marks adds up to V-Points.


Rock-On multiplies your V-Bonus points. Use VFX Slow to earn tons of additional X-bonus Points.
1. Start by using VFX Slow to knock out villains. This is Target Rock-On.
2. As you knock them out, they will fly into each other in a crushing domino effect.
3. Keep Rocking-On to take out more villains.
4. Hitting enemies continuously increases your Bonus Points to a massive number.

POWER UP! During and after scenes, you can strengthen yourself even more with Power-ups. Use the V-Points you racked up to power-up!


Enemies too tough? Strong enemies can overwhelm Joe, especially when they use speeding bullets. But Joe has VFX Slow to deal with those bullets. Turn those speeding bullets into light clouds with VFX Slow.
V-Points too hard to get? The trick is to let the enemy attack you first, then dodge. Then counter with continuous punches and kicks to gain points.
Trapped by enemies' tricks? Don't think. Act! Keep on moving. You can overcome even the toughest villains. And remember Captain Blue. He has answers to many questions.
Watch for V-Watch When the V-Watch shines, it emanates with a mysterious power. Use it to help you solve any problem.