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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Unlock Dante

Finish the game under any difficulty.

Extra LIVE

Collect 50 film canisters to increase your VFX meter by one cell.

Quick Viewtifuls

Use your Mach Speed and punch anything. You will get Viewtifuls that you can use in the store.

Unlock Sylvia

Finish the game in Adult mode.

Unlock Captain Blue

Finish the game in Ultra V Rated mode.

Ultra V Rated mode

Finish the game in V Rated mode.

V Rated mode

Finish the game in Adult mode.

Super mode

Finish the game with a "Rainbow V" rank in all Episodes ("V" rank for V points, Defense and Time on all tasks). Select the "New Game" game option, choose the character used to complete the game. That character will have unlimited VFX.

Viewtiful Forever FMV sequence

Finish the game.

Viewtiful World FMV sequence

Finish the game in Kids or Adult mode.

Completion bonus

Complete the game, then play it again in the same mode. You will start with all of Joe's powers (Slow Motion, Mach Speed, and Zoom In).