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I'm Somewhat Speechless! (It's Good.)

posted by YOSHIEGG42 (BELLMORE, NY) Mar 6, 2013

Member since Nov 2009

3 Parts: Gameplay, Plot, and Feel.
Plot:????1/2 - This game's plot is 100% original. It all starts when Joe and his girlfriend, Silvia, are in a movie theater watching Captain Blue (A superhero movie), when suddenly, the main villain, who's in a giant Power-Ranger-esque megazord, grabs Silvia and takes her into the movie! So you, valiant hero, go and find Silvia! She's waiting...
Once slightly into the first world, Captain Blue, who was defeated in the movie, tells you to turn into a superhero, and - "HENSHIN-A-GO-GO-BABY!!" you are now Viewtiful Joe, a new, cutting-edge superhero! Time to get to the gameplay...

Gameplay:????? - This game's fresh and new concept doesn't stop at the story! The gameplay is awesome, too! You use your movie powers to kill the enemies around you in this beat 'em up. You can use slow-down, fast forward (also known as mach speed), and even zoom-in! All have their special uses, but I'll only scratch the surface on those... Slow-down makes everything slow down (obviously) and makes it easier to hit enemies and even makes your attacks do more damage! Mach speed makes everything go fast and makes your attacks fire at blazing speeds! And zoom-in zooms the screen towards you, and makes your attacks REALLY powerful. So, 5 outta 5!

Feel - ??? - The story's somewhat light storyline and breaking the fourth wall constantly (with the main gameplay element being using movie powers to attack), this games immersion factor is considerably low. But the not completely pointless storyline, a drive for actually playing the game, that being rescuing Silvia, and nice level design makes the immersion pretty decent. :)

Final Rating - ????1/2 - This game is one of the best games on the lunchbo - I mean, Gamecube. So, it's a must have for beat 'em up lovers and Gamecube owners alike! But it... now. Please. :)

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GF Rating

Very Good

Hard, but good

posted by mecrjcr (COOPERSBURG, PA) Aug 31, 2012

Member since May 2011

This game is awsome, but challenging. Good for hard-core gamers

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A commendable beat-em-up...

posted by MetalMario (PITTSFIELD, NH) Jun 24, 2010

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Member since Apr 2010

...but too repetitive and gimmicky for my tastes.

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