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Henshin-a-go-go baby!

posted by gonzo3333 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 15, 2006

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Viewtiful Joe is one of those difficult, old-school games that any "true gamer" should love. You can play this game all you want and it will never get old.

The graphics are great. I love them. They're cel-shaded graphics and fit perfectly with the entire game. When you're normal Joe, it looks like you're watching an old film, which is pretty cool. When you're Viewtiful Joe, the colors are more crisp and sharp.

The music in this game is really good. It fits in perfect for this game, like a beat-em-up style. I like the voice-overs in this game, except for an enemy or two. And the sound effects such as the sounds of mach speed are cool.

This game is an old-school type game. As you know, it's a side-scroller game obviously. You can aquire 3 different powers that will defenitely help you in the game. Slow, mach speed, and zoom in. Slow and mach speed are self-explanatory. Zoom in, however, isn't a camera effect. With zoom in, you focus on a small portion of the screen, letting you do lots of damage to enemies that come near. Throughout the game, as you fight, you get ranks for time, defense, and V-points, which are points you get that you can use to buy items/upgrades at the end of each level. The better rank you get, the more points you get. That's a defenite plus to the game.

This game has really good replay value. There's only a few things to unlock, but it's fun to unlock them and are hard and lasts quite a while. It's fun to play this game, especially since there are 4 characters to play as total (you have to unlock 3), and 4 different difficulties (you have to unlock 2).

The default controls are nice and the ones I play with, but you can switch them in the options if there is something that bothers you.

Kids mode is pretty easy. Adult mode is fairly easy. V-Mode is hard. Ultra V-Mode is heart attack hard. If you get frustrated easily, you'll find this game a bit harder. Yeah, I get pretty mad...

This game is worth all your time. Play it now!

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Old School Gamers Rejoice

posted by conman (SOUTH BEND, IN) Sep 15, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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This game breathes new life into an old form. Everything from the pristine look, to the flashy presentation, to the goofy storyline, to the surprisingly deep gameplay makes this one of the best Gamecube titles.

The freshness didn't carry over as well into its sequel, but this first game gives us old-school 2D arcade gamers a much-needed recharge. All you newer gamers have much to be thankful for in seeing the genre brought back to viewtiful life.

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posted by thekeeper (MARYSVILLE, OH) Apr 22, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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The cube hasn't had much going for it from day one but viewtiful joe is exceptional. The graphics are a little dated now but its still a great game. Play it, love it hessen a go-go baby

AE signing out

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