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Also on:PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Run faster in slow motion:

While in slow motion, enter the code (Mach Speed) and you will be able to move faster.

  • Hold R1
    Run faster in slow motion
Put out fire:

When you are on fire (not the Mach Speed fire), enter the code and it will go out quickly.

  • Hold R1
    Put out fire
Bus jump:

In the Episode 2, you will have to jump on a speeding bus then jump on a ramp and over a big gap. Before you go off the ramp, enter the code for slow motion. The bus will gain more speed and will get over the gap.

  • Hold L1
    Bus jump
Skip intermission sequences:

Enter the code, to advance past an intermission sequence.

  • Z
    Skip intermission sequences
Smash caution things easily:

Enter the code, and it should smash it the caution things that give out electricity.

  • Circle (3)
    Smash caution things easily