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Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Android Rachel:

Complete Trial 29.

Charles The Third:

Finish the second level of Story mode

Devil Buster Dante:

Finish the first level of Story mode (all four chapters).

Director Blue:

Complete Trial 1

Fighter Bianky and Friends:

Complete Trial 13.

Gran Bruce:

Complete Trial 35.

Young Captain Blue:

Complete Trial 40.

Alternate costumes:

Finish all 40 Trial mode missions. Then, highlight a character and press Square at the selection screen.

Special Story mode stages:

Collect the sixteen puzzle pieces for each stage during Story mode.

Art gallery:

Collect all sixteen puzzle pieces in each Special stage in Story mode.

Heroine Silvia:

Complete Trial 37.

Complete Trial 37.

Complete Trial 14.

Manager Jet:

Complete Trial 19.

Movie Fan Joe:

Complete Trial 5.

Stylish Alastor:

Complete Trial 34.

Young Blue Jr.:

Complete Trial 24.