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Vietcong: Purple Haze


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

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Vietcong: Purple Haze

Directional Pad Up = Map. Left/Right = Lean Left/Right. Down = Binoculars.
Left Thumbstick Move Forward/Back. Strafe Left/Right.
Right Thumbstick Look Around. Move Crosshair. Click Right Thumbstick = Aim (Iron Sights)/Sniper Scope.
A Button Use. Reload. Engage. Disarm.
B Button Jump
X Button X Button + Right Trigger = Access Inventory
Y Button Change Stance. Stand. Press Y = Crouch. Hold Y = Prone. Press Y Again = Revert to Stance.
White Button Change Rate of Fire
Black Button Hold Black Button + Right Trigger = Tactical Menu
Left Trigger Quick Crouch (Hold to Crouch, Release to Stand)
Right Trigger Shoot
Start Pause. Level Objectives.
Back Dispay Current Leaderboard (Multiplayer Only)

Directional Pad Left/Right = Lean Left/Right
Left Thumbstick Up = Run. Up (Slightly) = Walk.
Right Thumbstick Click to Aim/Iron Sights
A Button Reload. Swap Weapon. Pick Up Item.
B Button Jump
X Button Access Inventory. Use Right Trigger to Scroll Through Inventory. Release X Button to Equip/Select Item.
Y Button Press and Hold Y Button = Prone Position/Crawl
Left Trigger Quick Crouch
Right Trigger Fire Weapon