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Victorious Boxers: Revolution

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Dont Bother, stick to Wii boxing

posted by youngpoe79 (WESTMINSTER, CO) Oct 23, 2007

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I will start off saying that I was soooo excited about this game. I was thinking that it would be so much better than wii boxing and I was wrong. Out of all the control options, I found option two to be the best and even then this game is really tough. the first option with tilting your remote left and right to move your boxer is ridiculous. you move even if you dont want to and it is almost impossible to stay steady. the second option where you use the analog stick on the nunchuck is better, but still the reading of your punches is where the game falls short. I would throw punches even if I didnt move,and when I tried to throw hooks and upper cuts it just wouldn't do the move. All in all, it is really just a fancier wii boxing to me. graphics are cool, and great idea but thats about it. I am hoping that they can get a game that really uses the full motion control of the wii mote and nunchuck, but for now I am sticking to wii boxing and hoping the next title is the one.

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Not Horrible, Not Great

posted by Wiiviewer (LAKEWOOD, CA) Oct 22, 2007

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This game is fairly decent. The story will appeal to those who watched the anime since it goes beyond where it ended and is up to date with the manga. The gameplay is really good. As in wii boxing it reads your punches except it reads them faster and reads hooks and uppercuts far better then wii boxing did. Now it all sounds great, but the flaws are it still doesn't read your punches perfectly. It sometimes has to catch it the second time you throw them. Great how they impliment the special punches, but good thing they can only be used when the special meter is filled or else this would easily get spammed. Now for the difficulty settings. Easy is what it is. 3 hits to the face and the person goes down. Normal is beatable, but the mashiba fights may annoy you due to his flicker jab, but for the most part you will knock down everyone easily. Hard is where you get the run for your money. If your looking for a good fight that is not easy to win, play this mode.

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