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Victorious Boxers: Revolution

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Fun game but way too short

posted by sandman441 (ANCHORAGE, AK) Nov 3, 2007

Member since May 2007

This is a really fun rental but I feel bad for anybody who bought it. The game was way too short and had too many cut scenes. I think 80% of the game are cut scenes.

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Very Good

Under-rated game....Deserves your patience.

posted by Darwin (LAS VEGAS, NV) Nov 2, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

The reason I'm writing this review is because this game is a really cool game that people don't give enough credit to.
This is a game that takes Wii boxing to a whole new level. Just like all the wii sports games, you have to get a feel for it. It takes patience. And yes it's much more complex than Wii boxing.

Added features:
1. Mobility aka Footwork - Now, you can actually move around the ring on your own. You can run away from your opponent or go after him.
2. Special moves - Once you get enough consecutive hits, you're character will be "on fire" and will be able to use devastating hits that will knock the opponent right out. (similar to Super Punch Out)
3. 6 different ways to play includes classic and Gamecube controller - So find the style you like most. Move by tilting wiimote and nunchuck or use nunchuck joystick. Punch by swinging controllers or point and direct your character where and how to punch. In my opinion, I think swing mode 2 would be most ideal if you're used to wii boxing.

I gave this game an 8 because the storyline didn't really catch my attention. There's a lot of characters to choose from. Good soundtrack too. And yes you fight a lot which is a good workout too. RENT THIS GAME and i hope you enjoy. :P

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Sadly barely a rental

posted by TheGundam (SALINAS, CA) Oct 30, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

First time ever reviewing a game here it goes.

Let me start out by saying I love FightingSpirit. Even named my linkshell and mmorpg FFXI after the series. Now to the game. As said by other reviews the controls are bad and not that responsive. Punch when you not throwing a punch. Move around the ring even when your not moving your wii-mote and chuck as I call it. Voice acting dont bother me cause I ive only watched the series in NA. Graphic are good for the wii and storyline is from the series. Sadly though i couldnt stand watching it long enough just went straight to fights. I was winning my fights without even moving my wii-mote. I use the 2nd setting which made it easier but still did not make the game any more fun. Btw just duck the punchs and one two repeat and youll win every time. I love FightingSpirit, but I dont love this game. Wii Boxing is better which I hate saying cause i waited for this game for a long time.

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