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Victorious Boxers: Revolution

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Seriously Under-rated

posted by arulnick (CHANDLER, AZ) Nov 4, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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At first this game will feel a little clunky, that mechanics unfamiliar to those never involved in a good fight. After a round or two of getting your butt kicked on a hard level it will just start to flow. Before you know it you're learning to box!

This game is very under-rated because what people fail to mention is how non-linear this is a for a boxing game. It's a choose your own adventure win/lose scenarios and stories unfold even while you fight! It's awesome how a fight will pause for a cut scene, boxers think through the brutal punishment they give or take.

No two fights are ever the same! For example I had to fight one guy several times to win but one time I lost by knock-out and the other was a cut scene into a special move he did while kicking my butt. The move was called something like "heart stopper" and that resulted in my character having a heart attack and my coach/corner throwing in the towel.

Truly incredible flowing game mechanics provide Wii action I haven't experienced yet plus this game provides a great work out! This one is seriously worth checking out. Think of it like a modern Punch Out for the Wii. This game gets a nine out of ten!

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Very Good

Very good game simulation

posted by JDigitty (BLYTHE, CA) Apr 17, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

This game is by far the most accurate boxing simulation that I have played. The control is quick and responsive; you can utilize your own boxing abilities to throw jabs, uppercuts, hooks, body-shots, and block/dodge. I would have gave this game a perfect 10 but the graphics are second rate.

The only thing I did not enjoy were the graphics. It was like I was trapped in a bad anime comic book :P

I am going to try some more current boxing titles and see how they compare. If I cannot find a better boxing game then I will purchase this title by using the "Keep it" feature. Thanks GameFly!!!

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Very Good

Great responsive controls, poor tutorial

posted by LanaFire7 (ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY) May 13, 2008

Member since May 2008

I love wii boxing & found it easy, though since I lack control with my fighting from lack of training, I use speed over technique/precision. My views on Victorious Boxer was a horribly short tutorial, unhappy you have to hit buttons to guard or bob/weave but sensed it had better responsiveness to wii boxing. I also found the drawing style of the look of the game harder to see the opponents punches & he moved much faster. With all that I did sense it was more true & had a black belt in several styles martial arts friend try out the wii boxing which he liked a lot but disapointed with it the lack of recoginition of his precision punches. He tried out VB next, agreed on the way too brief tutorial & then kicked butt on the game. He was VERY impressed with the recognition by a landslide over wii boxing.
(Both games were only played with using wii remote/nunchuck to swing/punch only, no nunchuck control stick used or classic style.)

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