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Also on:GC, PS2
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122 ratings

Gameplay Controls


Left Thumbstick Move
A Button Jump
X Button Attack
Left Trigger Crouch/Duck, Ground Pound: Press Crouch while in midair

Combo #1 Long Jump: Crouch while running and press Jump.
Combo #2 Pulse Jump: Crouch while standing and press Jump.
Combo #3 Wall Jump: Press Jump just as Vexx strikes a wall after jumping.
Combo #4 Edge Grab: Jump and intersect a grabbable edge.
Combo #5 Surface Jump: Press Jump while on surface of water.

Combo #1 Recover: Move left thumbstick rapidly back and forth to recover from stun/inhibitor.
Combo #2 Push: Walk into a pushable object.
Combo #3 Edge Shimmy: Move left thumbstick while hanging from edge.
Combo #4 Climb: Move left thumbstick while on a climbable surface.
Combo #5 Dangle/Dangle Climb: Move left thumbstick while hanging from a dangle surface.
Combo #6 Wall Shimmy: Press into wall with left thumbstick and move along it.
Combo #7 Climb Pole: Move the left thumbstick up/down after running into/jumping onto/falling onto pole.
Combo #8 Perch On Pole: Climb to the top of pole.
Combo #9 Slide Controlled: Jump, walk, fall onto sliding surface in direction of slide. Slide Uncontrolled: Jump, walk, fall onto surface facing opposite direction of slide.
Combo #10 Activate Elemental Power: Stand on elemental pads.

Combo #1 3 Hit Combo: Press Attack three times.
Combo #2 Charged Punch: Press Attack twice, hesitate, then hold down Attack to charge punch. Release Attack to deliver punch.
Combo #3 Alternate Slash Combo: Press Attack twice, hesitate, then press Attack twice again.
Combo #4 4 Hit Combo: Perform Charged Punch then press Attack again.
Combo #5 Rage Attack: Attack an enemy and continue to rapidly press Attack.
Combo #6 Flare Kick/Tumble: Press Attack while airbourne. Uppercut: Press Attack while crouching.
Combo #7 Swim: Press Attack while in water.
Combo #8 Grab: Press Attack while directly in front of a grabbable object. Throw: Press Attack while holding a grabbable object.
Combo #9 Climb Edge: Press Attack while hanging from edge.
Combo #10 Juggling: Once an attack has an enemy in the air, continue your attack, keeping the enemy "juggling" in the air. Juggling an enemy fills your Frenzy meter.

Combo #1 Talon Dash: Once the Talons are charged and activated, use the left thumbstick to move around in a dash.
Combo #2 Talon Charges: Juggle enemies to release blue glowing energy. Collect enough energy to activate the War Talons.
Combo #3 Talon Blast: Once the Talons are charged and activated, press Attack to fire a Talon Blast.
Combo #4 Charged Talon Activation: Activate the Charged Talons, press the right trigger.