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GF Rating


Eh, Playable

posted by Zrimm9119 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jun 18, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

The Graphics are horrible, the voice work is eh, and the camera likes to fly around when your doing battles. Other than that there is a lot of potential for this game. I was going to turn it off after the first cut scene, but decided to stick it out a little longer. The stor is actually very interesting and there is some humor buried beneath the horrible details.

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Buggy, oldish graphics but decent storyline.

posted by mephy10001 (BROOKLYN, NY) May 14, 2011

Member since May 2011

That game is european - its translation and voicing is better than some others of same kind released recently. A-kania and 2 W-rlds in a way lose to this game in manner of storyline. Its graphics dated and camera work (especially in combat) can be pretty terrible, leaving you open to attacks because you simply dont see the adds joining battle. Combat on normal can be difficult because some of that. Button mashing can be actuallly fun, and I liked spells, clever use of raven spotters and lockpicking. Recommended for those seeking trip back in time to good old days of quest games when content was more important than fancy graphics. Granted its not exactly on same level as old gems, but not be be neglected. Hard to play again soon though, I think.

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after playing venetica for 21 hrs had to return it

posted by ColeCreek (KREAMER, PA) May 5, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

be forewarned i was in chapter 4 of the game (after entering the doge's palace) where i found that to proceed i needed a skill (getting items from ghosts) that i totally missed somehow.. mind you i'm sure the game isn't broken and i have an idea where to get the ability but the green dot on the map telling me where i have to go for this particular quest (and others in the game) is not in the right place.. this is not the only problem with Venetica, which has a certain kinda of charm about it but seems very dated in alot of ways.. for instance much of the game dialogue between what the characters say and what you read is often wrong and in this day and age this kind of sloppiness should have been caught long before release.. the character models in the game are often reused to in essense the town of Venice has like 5 different ppl in it...the combat is decent but if you notice most of the weapon skills/magic skills are just sort of copies of each other so playing on hard you'll resort to the same tactic over and over...slowing the enemy with the mooblade's time rift attack and running behind him and finishing him off..i'm glad they included a crowd-control spell in Venetica and wonder why more modern games don't use this feature (anyone that played everquest back in the day knows enchanters were awesome)..anyways have fun and if you're up in the air about this or mabey one of the other new RPGs that came out this year i'd try two worlds 2 first over this one (not a perfect game but definately fun)... -Colecreek (waiting for Skyrim woot)

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