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Old Generation

posted by Shadow0Syn (PEMBROKE, VA) Apr 24, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

The story line seems like a hit and would be an awesome game. The voice acting is kind of lame, but it seems to be because of a script not the actors themselves. The graphics are ok but cartoonish and would be more suited for the older playstations. The controls are also not as fluent as you would expect. The mini map is also a joke. I may be biased sense i just finished playing dragon age 2. But i wish this game was better because the story line seemed very interesting.

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posted by Starcaster (VALENCIA, CA) Mar 7, 2011

Member since Oct 2009

Packed with glitches, controls are floaty, and it looks like it belongs on the PS2...first gen.

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Was an okay game, until I reached Venice

posted by jjwolfe (NAMPA, ID) Feb 16, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

Nowadays you expect some bugs, but to have a game basically stop working and the most frustrating part is even though its majorly broken you get to see, not interact, with flashes of what could be a great game.

In Venice the L1 and X buttons stopped doing there default functions... INTERACTING!! No doors open, no NPC conversations, nothing.

I gave the game a second chance, created a new game and did things exactly the same (as much as you can) and before I got to Venice, the cut scene with Mistress, the L1 and X buttons started doing the same non function as my previous game... Wow, I was dumbfounded that a game like this can get past Q&A for consoles. I know it was a PC game first, and reading on their forums I see there is quite a lot of issues there also, but come on this is unacceptable.

Without the L1 and X button bug, I was enjoying the expeirence, I would give a 7-8 out of 10, but with this glaring bug all they deserve is a 1 out of 10

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