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Solid budget action rpg

posted by jvgocavs (winston salem, NC) Feb 5, 2011

Member since Oct 2006

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Venitca is a budget ($40 retail, US) action RPG in the vein of fable or gothica. You play as Scarlett, the daughter of death and attempt to restore order (or gain revenge) throughout an alternate reality version of Venice.

Game play 8/10 - the actions is hack and slash with swords, axes, spears and a moonblade (hybrid dagger). Their are timed combos, blocking and dodging. If played on normal or difficult settings it will be necessary to dodge or block opponents depending on you’re style of play and counter attack. Also Necromancy is available for those who want to dabble in the dark arts. Both you’re wepons and magic abilities can be improved by spending skill points acquired by leveling. The higher level abilities are quite useful and varied and add spice to the game play. The only negative is the story is a little on the cheesy side.

Graphics 6/10 - this is a budget title and the graphics department is where it shows. The character models are bellow average (but not bad) and have an interesting art style that may turn some off. The environments range from bellow average (mountains, Africa) to pretty solid (Venice is rendered in great detail).

Sound 6/10 - again, budget title. Voice acting is sub par with a few exceptions (Scarlett is voiced fairly well albeit with a British accent that seems out of place in Venice). The music and background effects are adequate.

Overall 7/10 - The adventure/exploration and character development aspects of Venetica are fairly well crafted and enjoyable. The budget character models, voice work and NPC stereotypes are playable but do not inspire. If action RPG’s are you’re favorite type of game as is my case or you just enjoy a good adventure then Venetica is at least worth a rent if not a buy at the budget price. Graphic junkies look elswhere.

30 hrs for one playthru, be sure to change the difficulty to at least normal, easy is default. Player exploration is required to fully enjoy Venetica.

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RPG for Dummies.

posted by ikeredwolf (BLOOMINGTON, IN) Jan 14, 2011

Member since May 2004

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RPGs are demanding games by nature, they demand more then their fair share of time commitment, patience in ways too varied to count, and they frequently demand repeated re-engagement with the story and its characters.
Venetica has these characteristics in spades. There are frequent graphical anomalies which the player has to simply ignore. There is a huge gap in audio quality between a lackluster score and sub-par voice acting, which the player simply can’t ignore, and must accept. There is a complex UI which requires a player to frequently learn by guessing. The game leaves all camera control to the player but the camera itself is exceedingly slow and since combat is real-time this can lead to losing sight of your target, or simply waiting awhile to get a lay of the land. Another issue the game has is the frequent loading screens, sometimes between surprisingly trivial areas.
All these issues have to be accepted in order to progress though the game, a die-hard RPG Fan will probably accept these flaws in order to follow if not a superb story at least a reasonably unique one. However if you are considering renting this game I doubt you would consider it worth the spot in your Q for the month or so it will stay there as you work your way though the game. Its simply not that good.
That said if you have played RPGs long enough to remember when they were really slow, and mind-bogglingly complex, and you've seen how shallow the current crop of RPGs are, you may find a diamond in the rough in the way Venetica recalls the glory days of the genre.
And if you’ve bothered to read this review all the way to here, I hope you recognize the irony of the Review heading.

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Give it a chance ! not the best but not bad at all

posted by greg01 (MADISONVILLE, TN) Jan 16, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

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I dont really write these but this time i felt that i should. This game is not the best but to be honest its not that bad. every one is giving it bad reviews and it seems that there not even playing the game longer then a few min. I love rpgs some have gotten way out of controle with way way to much going on. this one is more simple and keeps you going. It remindes me of a sid miers kinda game. its different something new which i encourage these game makers to try. again no this is not a final fantasy or a two worlds. the voices are just fine and the graphics are good, I havent seen any glitches on ps3 game. I guess that all i have to say, im about 3 hrs into game and so far really like it the maps and items menus and char elements are easy to learn. try it you just might like it, even if you are hardcore rpg fan, or if you never played one befor this might get your foot in the door.

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