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Really Bad

Just plain bad

posted by chessfreak132 (HAMPTON, VA) May 4, 2011

Member since May 2011

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This game has all kinds of promise, and the ability to be good. Poor, clunky controls, bad graphics, and even worse voice acting keep it far from it, however. First, combat: You have four different types of weapon, the Moonblade, Swords, Spears, and 2 Handed Axes/Hammers. In typical rpg fashion, you're given skill points to spend every time you level up, and you can choose to put them in either physical or mental (spells.) The problem with the different weapons, is that having four different weapon types, the designers thought it would be a good idea to have four different block "spells" you had to purchase from the physical tree. I can tolerate that. What's not tolerable, is the fact that you only have 4 hotkeys: the D-pad, and circle. So you have to add the block to a hotkey. Still not that bad. But one block "spell" doesn't count for all weapons. You have to add the block of the weapon type you want to use on a hotkey to use it. And to top it off, swords can only block swords, spears can only block spears, etc. It's just not done very well.
The spells you're given are the same way, i.e. having to map them to use them. Unfortunately the majority of them have ridiculous cooldowns. Which wouldn't be that bad really, if they hit when they were supposed to, and you weren't able to be interrupted during casting. Basically meaning that you can't use these spells in close combat, which is usually when you'd want to use them. The bottom line is: Just don't waste your time with this game. I would honestly recommend most superhero movie games before this.

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Do not rent or buy!

posted by evilash8 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Aug 31, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

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I wish I had something positive to say about this game but I have nothing. Sound is bad, voice acting is not bad just bland, and why does everyone have English accents in Italy?! Graphics are not the worst but reminds me of past gen console. Camera seems to be moving all the time and almost never with a good view. Fights with enemies are very repetitious. And not enough hot keys for the different abilites. Some reviews said to play longer, but I played almost 5 hours and was bored almost the whole time. Lastly there is no character investment. Games like Assassins Creed or Dead Space; you care about the hero and hate or despise the villians.This includes the main character, NPC's and villians. There is no soul to anything in this game. If this was in the bargain bin for $20, I would not recommend it.

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PC game gone wrong on PS3

posted by EJ31601 (RICHFORD, VT) Mar 23, 2011

Member since Aug 2008

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If Assassin's Creed came out 7 - 8 years ago, this would have been it. It had a interesting story, some landscape that really tried to be pretty. Solid lock picking system along with a alright looting system. If you can endure the long loading times into each building you enter and pretty awful camera at times with some not so great combat. The combat just had way too many abilities for a PS3, basically felt like it would have better played on the PC. It's a pretty easy game to platinum with some time on hand.

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