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Not worth it

posted by Arikaen (EVANSVILLE, IN) Aug 10, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

First off I wanted to try the game even though I heard it was bad. I give all games the benefit of the doubt. The story started and didn't make any sense. Your a woman and people are attacking though I'm not sure why. After about 5 minutes the game froze. I reloaded it another 5 minutes of walking and it froze again. Six more freezes later I got to play for an hour before it froze.
The map was all over the place with no real way to figure out where to go. Just wander around and hope that you are going in the right place.

The fighting is little more than button mashing. Even gaining several levels I had a hard time fighting off the easy enemies. The AI is basically stupid but if they get one hit on you it takes so long to get up that they almost got you beat by the time you regain control.

Wasn't even worth renting.

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GF Rating


Don't Waste Your Time

posted by JazzieChris (PLANTATION, FL) Jul 9, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

This game is stupid.

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I was Misled.

posted by Aeirou (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Apr 29, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I have played an beaten the likes of B rated rpgs such as Two Worlds 2. The gamefly players said that if you can overlook a few glitches here and there then this game was a gem. I was misled and I don't care if the noble bad game defenders down rate me for it.

I popped in Venetica after playing another game, but I was excited to jump into it with high hopes. (Never start a new game with a bad attitude because it makes me bias). However, I was greeted with constant glitches and poor mechanics.

The enemies in the game are based around a weakness system. Each enemy has their own weakness which means you have to kill them in a certain way. The first enemies you encounter are Assassins. Their weakness is that you dodge there attack and counter attack them. There is no lock-on feature that I was able to find, so when I went to dodge my camera completely moved the enemy out of the frame... how am I suppose to counter-attack an enemy that is out of frame. After a few dodge tries, I begin slashing the enemies too death in one go and just leveling strength. Combat is a choir.

YOU CAN make the camera move back further away from the character, which is more than most games offer. However, the small and guided areas often either knock the camera out of frame or force you into your character's back. I got a headache from the constantly jerking camera and I could only tolerate about 2 hours before I just gave up.

Quest and Quest Tracking:
The game has a choice system where you can accept or decline quests, but picking either or doesn't matter. The quest tracking is done with a spell that takes magic but it only leads you in a general direction and doesn't change with the task.

I'm running low on text letters - The game makes several things such as blocking, looting certain enemies, and questing tracking abilities that must be learn on level up rather then just given to you like every other game. This makes the game work because it feels MORE dated

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