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Ultra realistic yet unrealistic title

posted by Soldarith (WEST CHESTER, PA) May 9, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

33 out of 40 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

I have to start this off with this confession: I had to package the game back up in under two hours playtime.

This title tries to be an ultra realistic stealth third-person spy game but fails on very many levels, that, in the end, destroy the player's ability to actually have fun.

1.) The game is very slow: character movements, dialogue, etc. Yes, it is a stealth game but does EVERYTHING need to be this slow?
2.) Ultra-realism yet contradictory when convenient: 2-3 shots & you're dead, yet you cannot pickup weapons from corpses, knock out lights, throw glass bottles?
3.) Cannot jump unless it is a special action area that allows you to press "A" to do so. Talk about counter-realism.
4.) Aiming mechanic is horrid. It is a devolution of gameplay.
5.) Little to no choices in selecting how you wish to accomplish a kill/task: Do it any way other than what the game expects and you will die, over, & over, & over again.
6.) No warning that you are exiting the level. Once you do, you cannot return.
7.) Cannot carry medical kits. Why call them medical kits? Call them health potions.
8.) Can only carry one Morphine syringe at a time -- cause they are so big? Not to mention the use of morphine in the game to begin with...
9.) Has an M rating that, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why.

1.) Pretty graphics and environments.
2.) Great story that should be heard but this game just doesn't do it justice. I recommend the History Channel if you're interested.

Not worth the time/money. This is a VERY poor attempt at a WWII-era stealth game that had everything it could ask for to be successful and still blew it. Don't fix what isn't broken in game design.

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Worst Xbox 360 Game of 2009!!!

posted by ll2Scoopsl (KEARNY, NJ) May 7, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

29 out of 37 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

I read about this game prior to its release in hopes of a good shooter and stealth game, which it is neither. Every aspect of this game is just horrible from the original playstation graphics to the awful gameplay this was truly a huge let down. As a stealth game there are no planning on how to defeat your enemies, all you have to do is watch their same movement over and over again. Enemy A.I is both very stupid and dead on with accuracy and targeting for instance, I would kill a squadmate and they won't notice the person isn't there anymore but I can be supposedly unseeable in the shadows but will get caught and dead in a second with escape being bareable. Every level consisted of gaining the same rusty or shiny key, and is so flat out repetitive by the 3rd level you can predict what you must do next. Every mission is just shadows and really mundane 1 button kills. They added a morphine shoot which makes her freeze time to get an easy kill, to be honest I never even used it, as its a really boring part of the game. As a shooter its even worst. Picture a spy who only goes in with 7 bullets a level, then picture you not only being able to acquire dead enemy weapons which makes no sense. Very bad beginning to a horrible ending which doesn't make you feel rewarded for beating such an awful game. Even with a shortage of stealth games on next gen systems I recommend you going old-school before ever playing this game. As a shooter your clip will be gone as fast as this game goes in a bargain bin look far far away from this title.

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GF Rating


I enjoyed this one!

posted by AJW7757 (KNOXVILLE, TN) May 24, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

8 out of 12 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I have seen the reviews from "pros" and the ones from users. I will be one of the naysayers. I enjoyed this game. It ripped my heart out. Approaching the ending I had to stop playing and get my bearings, I could not handle the emotional stress. Returning to finish I found myself in an urgent state, not knowing what was before me regardless of my efforts.

Morphine mode was gimmicky, but had purpose. If you didn't figure that one out, you were not listening to the dialogue.

I loved Violet Summer. Couldn't help myself. Brutal, vicious, relentless, smart, and determined, my kinda hero. Oh, she was beautiful too!!

The play style changes gradually to allow the protagonist more control. However, this does some what fail. The weapon physics are weak.

Some had problems using the stealth, I didn't. I had no problems taking any enemy down from behind. However, do not attempt to approach from the side. You're dead.

One issue I found was when she was seen, there is no protection. Melee does not exist, and firing your weapon will not happen. You just die. Restart.

Not having mission select is unacceptable. Some of the missions I really enjoyed playing and would have like to revist the ones I liked. However, that is not possible.

If you do not get your achievement on the first playthrough. You gotta go back. I didn't. Achievements are not a major part of my gaming.

I would classify this game as art. The graphics set the tone. A memory is hazy and the graphics definitely showed this.

I hand respect to the German game developers who let the truth be told. They stepped back in history to remind the world of the horrible events created by the Nazis. The didn't cower, or sugar coat history. They put in your face, ground hard, and opened your heart to the reality of the brutality of human against human.

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