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A watered down Splinter Cell

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) May 2, 2009

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If you ever played Splinter Cell, you'll hate this game. This is a "stealth"
game that makes being stealthy more difficult that it should be. The game is very linear with hardly any choice on how to accomplish a mission. First off, you can't shoot out any of the lights in the game, which is plain stupid. In SC you can shoot the lights out to make the area dark. Not in VA. Second, you carry only a pistol with seven rounds and a knife. Bullets are extremely limited you only find them in lockers which are rare in itself. All the enemies carry guns, but you can't pick them up. I should be able to choose whether I want to shoot it out or sneak around, but it's practically impossible due to the weapon limitations and lack of item pickups. You get a pistol, flare gun, shotgun, or luger. Not a wide selection and again, very limited ammo. You also can't climb up anything unless it's a hotspot. So unless a crate the height of your kneecaps is a hotspot, you can't get over it. Another painful limitation. You also can't jump at all, let alone jump over a railing or jump onto something. Another limitation. Enemies also seem to have radar installed in their heads. More than once if I shot someone with a silenced pistol, even if NOBODY was in the area, the music would change and guards from halfway across the screen would come running right to the spot where I am. The limitations of choice (i.e. not being able to move/climb/jump/destroy) make it one of those games that you just want to hurry through and finish because it's so boring. They do try to add an RPG element by allowing you to upgrade your abilities by finding collectibles, but this fails to make up for the games shorcomings which are many.

Character upgrades

Graphics aren't up to snuff.
Limited weapons/bullets

No free interaction with objects.
No jumping/climbing
Terribly linear paths.

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Really Bad

Velvet Assassin Pro/Con

posted by Frankoveli (OSWEGO, NY) May 4, 2010

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A simple breakdown of Velvet Assassin.

Artistic Graphics:
Velvet Assassin uses alot of bold colors and visual effects, between taking morphine and having rose petals rain down around you or how your screen turns a hue of blood red as your about to assassinate somebody the visuals in this game are unique to say the least...In a very good way.

The controls in this game are clunky and slow, you can never move as fast as you'd like and assassinating is harder and takes longer than it should be. For example, coming from splinter cell if your waiting for somebody to eliminate, as soon as they get close it takes only a couple seconds between life and death. In Velvet Assassin that isnt the case, to assassinate you have to get up close to somebody then instead of doing a move of your choice, you only press A and sit threw a small cut scene (that you have to watch over and over again every time you assassinate somebody). Oh and if you get caught and dont have any bullets your screwed because the melee combat in this game is horrible. Come to think of it, so is the gun gameplay, so your screwed either way.

If you find that when you play stealth games the most annoying part about them is waiting for the AI to move to where you want them to. Then stay far Far away from this game. All im going to say is on one of the first levels i had to sit through 2 guys having a 5 minute...yes 5 Minute conversation about who stole his chocolate....and unless i wanted to blow my cover (and you dont) i was forced to sit through the whole conversation. God forbid you die before a checkpoint, you'd have to listen to it all over again! This doesn't just happen once, it happens over and over again.

•Conclusion• [ AVOID - 2/10 ]
I am a huge fan of stealth games, but this game was horrible, it took ideas from some of the best stealth games, too bad they wern't the ideas that made them fun. Stay away at all costs.

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The worst game I've ever played

posted by daveconrey (LONG BEACH, CA) Jul 6, 2009

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Totally unintuitive. The first version of THIEF was years beyond this lame game. The AI of enemies is either set to incredibly stupid or ultra-alert. You can't jump on anything unless the games specifically wants you to jump up. You push boxes around for completely pointless reasons, crawl through all-to-convenient tunnels that are always right where you need them. There's only one way through the game and even at the advanced level, the game is moronically simple.

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