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Very Good

One of the best SEGA games out there

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Oct 21, 2010

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Not only is this a SEGA masterpiece, but this could be one of the best 3rd person shooter campaigns I've ever played. I would give a 10, but there is no co-op campaign or online play... what a disappointment. So it's a great rental. The experience for me was a mix of Dead Space, Transformers War for Cyberton, and Lost Planet 2, all of which are amazing 3PS games. It's a classic arcade setup all about getting points, finishing levels quickly, not dying, doing sweet moves for bonus points, and then trying to slam a top score on the leaderboard. You can carry 3 badasss guns at a time to do so.

This is such a great change of pace from Halo, Call of Duty, or Medal of Honor. The gameplay is unbelievably fluid, and the cover system was absolutely flawless... like Transformers War for Cybertron. Your character wields some wicked futuristic guns, and can slide like crazy on the ground to unleash some devastating fast or slo-mo multi kills. This sliding action is what makes this game so great.

You can hold LB to do this jet slide where you slide across real fast and can do it for maybe a few hundred feet. While in this mode, you can pick off multiple enemies, melee like crazy, or initiate slow mo and eliminate your robot foes without them knowing. (see trailer)

It's an epic sci-fi look like a blend of Halo and Star Wars, but the gameplay is totally unique. You can play about 40 missions, each timed and scored, some taking only a few minutes to beat. But it keeps things entertaining the whole time.

Check out the trailer and see what I mean, but this is a great rental since the replay value is extremely low. But if you're looking for an awesome shoot-em-up, check this game out for a seriously fun experience. Very easy to unlock all achievements as well, for the hunters.

Milt Drucker- gamertag

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Vanquish Inspired Me To Write My 1st Review

posted by Silas1229 (COCKEYSVILLE, MD) Dec 6, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

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I rented this game after seeing it played at a friend's house and I am glad he let me check it out. Simply put, the game is very fun. I decided to write a review because I feel that the Gamefly user rating is far too low. I would give this game a 9/10, but I am marking it as 10/10 to try and influence the score and get it to the point that it deserves to be.

It is a 3rd person action shooter. The hooks are the boost ability that allows you to speed through the level on rocket propelled knees, the "AR" ability which is essentially bullet time, and interesting and engaging level design. The pace kept driving me forward. The combat was really fun because you would need to keep moving and combining the suit's abilities to succeed. Boss battles are usally "shoot the glowing thing" affairs, but very fun and challenging at times. The cut scenes looked cool and the overall presentation was impressive.

The story didn't matter in terms of dialouge, but I appreciated the feeling of infliltrating the station with a squad of soldiers. Burns may be stereotypical and over the top, but I liked him. The control station girl was also stereotypical, but the camera was almost always positioned behind and below her looking up...obvioulsy the story wasn't meant to be taken all that seriously.

The game also includes an easy to use weapons upgrade system that I found rewarding, adding an rpg element. You can hold three weapons at a time (they actually all transform from whatever gun you are holding in a cool animation). If you pick up an upgrade cube, or the same weapon you have equipped when at full ammo, you go up a rank. At certain ranks you get some boost to the abilities of each gun. In this way you can power up you favorite guns very easily. Other than standard assault rifle, shotgun, sniper etc. there are some cool new guns like the LFE gun that launches a slow moving orb at you enemies like a huge bowling ball.

Short and sweet. A perfect rent.

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A video game of Michael Bay proportions.

posted by cool785 (SCOTTS VALLEY, CA) Oct 12, 2011

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Just to start off, Vanquish took me 3 hours to beat. I did enjoy that sweet afternoon, but it still took 3 hours. I tried to pay attention to the story, but I found out early on that this game has something in common with Resident Evil 5. It is very entertaining to skip the cut scenes because; A. The story makes no sense (Its a Japanese game), and B. You'll be on a moving train, hit a cut scene, skip it, and BAM! Your now sliding around in zero gravity. It goes from intense action scene to intense action scene, and the cut scenes only slow it down. Some games might take you 20 hours, but how many of those hours were spent walking from point A to point B? (Don't get me wrong. I love open world games). Vanquish is a solid 3 hours of non-stop adrenaline, and as long as your okay with it when going into it, you'll enjoy every second.

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