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Best Game Ever

posted by BrandoPsyD (MIDDLETOWN, PA) Dec 7, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

I would recommend this game to anyone who loves games like Gears of War (but with superfast jet boosters). The graphics are mind blowing! The"voice acting is professional; and lastly, the guns and different weaponry are awesome!

A MUST BUY!!!!!!

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THRILLING, can't wait for sequel

posted by CrisPBacon (CARSON CITY, NV) Dec 1, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

Graphics 8, Controls 8, Story 7, Sound 8, Overall gameplay 9

Vanquish is pure thrills, fast paced and over the top action. Everything in this game is over the top. I gave this game a high overall rating simply because of the pure joy of the gameplay. Although I though the graphics could have been more polished and the story was a bit lacking, the overall gameplay was superb and overshadowed the game's shortfalls. Polish up this title for the sequel, add multi-player, and you've got yourself a 10 rate game.

This game clearly makes fun of several popular action titles including MGS4 and Uncharted, and appears to make fun of non-PS3 titles like Halo and Metroid. Mockery is a form of flattery, and Vanquish mocks itself.

The game was a little weak on the M rating, but after the first Act it becomes obvious why you have to fight robots instead of flesh and blood. The bosses and enemies in Vanquish are outrageous, there's also an immense variety of villains, all with their own strengths.

The controls were tight, but limited. There's no jumping, no crouching, and no switching over-the-shoulder views while targeting, this is automatic :(. There's no arch indication on grenades so it's hit or miss.

Because I knew the game was on the short side I decided to play on the hardest difficulty level. It was no joke hard, it was frustrating to die so quickly so often during boss fights, but still fun. Cover doesn't mean anything in this game, and most cover is destructible. On hard, all enemies target you all the time and if you stop moving you're dead. And, you don't just die in Vanquish, you internally combust! Also, on hard you loose points ever time you die, so you can actually have a negative score. The only impact this has is reversing upgrades to equipped weapons when you die. This makes upgrading your grenades and EMP virtually impossible throughout the game.

I purchased this game and working for the Platinum Trophy.

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posted by ACEauc (JAMAICA, NY) Dec 1, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

This game is absolutely fun. Unlike other shooters the story line is much longer. the graphics and surrounding a sweet futuristic world. Its a blast a great rent and u will enjoy it. Only con are the controls u cant edit and no online player mode which i dont care for.

I have been playing this and just having a good time. If u remember zone on enders from PS2 and enjoyed it u will love this.

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