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Maybe this game sucks on purpose...

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Jul 6, 2007

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...considering it's full of vampires. If one thing is clear about this game it's that the developers hate you. They made this game to prove that they hate you. Yes, it really is that bad. You'd think that an idea as awesome as Solid Snake battling hordes of vampires would be impossible to screw up, but you'd be wrong.

First of all, your main character has the awesomest hero name ever - John Lloyd. Okay, Max Explosion would be a better name, but John Lloyd is the epitome of generic main character names. He looks like a PS1-era Solid Snake rip-off. He has trouble doing the simplest things like walking in a straight line and shooting at any angle OTHER than straight. When you do happen to hit a guy, he doesn't die. Oh no, headshots mean nothing in this game. Pretty much the only way to kill an enemy is to unload an entire clip into him. What does it take to kill you? One hit. One measly swipe from a stupid enemy's claw kills you. I understand that this is a stealth game and that you're not supposed to be seen, but since it takes an entire clip to kill a guy, you WILL be seen once you start shooting, and dudes will start attacking you for the whole 6 seconds it takes to shoot all your bullets. All just to kill ONE GUY!!! Later in the game you get some guns that kill the "nightwalkers" in one hit. It's a complete 180 from the first half of the game. It makes it that much more obvious that your starting weapons are useless and that you'll be better off just skulking in the shadows. So if the point is to be sneaky, how come every time I try to flank around some enemies, I get yelled at for going "off mission"? Invisible barriers have no place in the next-generation era. It seems that there is one "correct" path through each level that is a trial-and-error experience to discover. At its core, it's basically just a maze. You might as well just get a map of the level and draw a line from start to finish with a crayon. You should just get a 99ยข activity book instead.

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Really Bad

Don't bother

posted by ThyLord (BIRMINGHAM, AL) Jul 12, 2007

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This game is so bad that I don't even believe it's worth the kind of dedication it takes to explain all the bad aspects of it. But I'll do so anyway.

1) Graphically, it sucks. I saw other reviews claiming it to have good graphics... and simply put, they're painfully wrong.

2) Gameplay-wise, It's so bad it will give you a headache. Seriously, I had one by the time I got to the second mission. Playing this game makes you want to stick a pencil through your nose, into your brain, and twirl it around.

3) Achievements are hard to get. They're mostly MP achievements, and nobody is ever online. If you get lucky and do find someone online, the game will probably kick you out of the lobby before the match starts. It's sad when a game this bad doesn't even give you easy achievements. Achievements are a selling point now... if the developers know their game won't sell based on goodness, they should atleast try to sell based on ease of achievements.

Conclusion: if you take everything bad about Splinter Cell, then multiply it by 4000, and then make a game from it, you will still have a better game than this. Don't waste your time. Don't even rent. It'll just leave another "0" on your achievement list and you'll waste a week of shipping.

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Should Be Vampire Pain

posted by IamtheStig (PORT RICHEY, FL) Jul 9, 2007

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Bad Graphics, Bad Gameplay, Bad Camera. Pretty cool concept. After 1 day I am sending this back. Really not much more to say about this. It is rubbish.

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