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GF Rating


Complete Waste of the Name Valkyrie Profile

posted by wolframkyo (VALDOSTA, GA) Jul 5, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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Like most Valkyrie Profile games it promises a story that could enrapture you and pull you deep into the characters to the point of becoming lost. Unlike the previous games this one does not center around a Valkyrie, or include collecting souls for Ragnarok or to fulfill your own goal. COTP focuses on a young warrior feeling sorry for himself because his father fell in battle, a Valkyrie did her job and from there his life spiraled out of control. in the game your story is cut down to only a few segments between each grid like battle system. Think Final Fantasy Tactics old school...but weirder. You move on the grid until you are where you desire to be if it is for attacking or for just plain using items. When you have moved if you choose to attack you may get the chance of going into the sub-battle sequence with one of your buddies, if not you go in alone and you get one hit and the bad guy gets one. Sub- battle sequence over. Now if a bad guy hits you then you are all by yourself, no lucky break of going in with your best buds, which btw you can sacrifice your friends to make the battle easier. When I say sacrifice I mean they will never be able to be used again. Another cut down from previous Valkyrie profiles just happens to be the fact that you cannot travel the world map, do things in town, everything is very limited. Also, the presence of voices are barely there at all. I wish I could say soemthing good about this game but the only thing I have good to say is the opening video was amazing, and if executed better the story would have been spectacular.

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Great Game

posted by PaulHaley (PINEVILLE, KY) Feb 10, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

There are several great aspects to this game.

Gameplay- this game in a turn based strategy and plays a tad different from others TBS games due to the fact that if 2+ of your characters are in ranged u can unleash combos and flashy finish moves if u time everything right. However some fights can seem to drag on forever in some places (snow, swamp etc)

Graphics- Great flashy visuals make you feel super powerful

Difficulty- Beginning is kinda rough but Once you get good items its not that hard but you can intentionally make it harder by not meeting your goal for the stage and fighting at spirit on the next stage.

sound- dunno i play in silence... ya i'm weird

Replay value- great 3 different endings and different paths to take!

Overall- Great game Definitely a good game to rent

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Not the best, not the worst

posted by LockAdam (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Mar 3, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

I'm a woman of 23 and I think I'm a little too old for Nintendo DS. As far as I'm concerned, this game was the pits. If you like games with a whole lot of reading, and a whole lot of mindless turn by turn fighting-then this game is for you. This game reminds me of the first few Final Fantasy's. The characters look almost identical and the fights are almost the same as well. For a Nintendo game-that's mainly for the younger ones-this game is alright I guess. PG rating at the worst. But if you're older than 15, you may just want to get something a little more a PS3 or Xbox. This game wasnt for me.

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