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Square-Enix delivers a great PS2 title

posted by Rzzorr (FOLSOM, CA) Jul 16, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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Explaining this game to someone whom has not played Valkyrie Profile on the Play Station system, might be a fruitless task.

The battle system in this series is unique and has a harsh learning curve. There are literally dozens of things you can do during battle sequences that can easily get confusing.

Being released by Square-Enix you would expect great graphics, and they delivered in that department. The graphics are beautiful when displaying through s-video, the details are crisp and clear. The only downside to the graphics is that this is a 3D scroller game. Therefore you can't fully explore the beautiful land. You move left and right when traveling, but during battle you can move wherever you please.

There are multiple side quests, and "side-quest items" that you can obtain, but are not necessary to further the storyline although I suggest they be obtained as they make the game much easier.

At any given time in the game you could have 15 different characters to level, which can be somewhat overwhelming, but if you stick with a "normal" group layout (Main Character, Warrior, Mage, Archer) you can easily phase out other characters and "release" their spirits as they obtain the required level. Just make sure that you level your main characters, because you end up losing four "semi-main" characters mid-game, and if you do not have other characters leveled properly then your in a deep hole.

The item system is the most confusing aspect of this game and this requires lots of practice to master, you can find yourself changing items, skills, attacks, armor, or weapons almost every battle if you please.

I recommend this game to the older gaming crowd as it can be confusing to someone of younger age, but if you love beautiful graphics, a good storyline, great voice acting, and good game play, then you should definitely check this title out.

For my group setup in the final chapter I had (Light Warrior, Heavy Warrior, Heavy Warrior, Mage/Archer)

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GF Rating

Very Good

Excellent game but steep learning curve

posted by Tabion217 (OAK RIDGE, NJ) Oct 2, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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I have always been an RPG fan since my first encounter with Final Fantasy 3(fav of all time). So i'm use to the same item, spell, and weapons that most companies keep cookie cutting. I have to say that this game is different. Not so much that you'll be lost right off the bat but it doesn't have the same feel as a turn based game or real time rpg. I won't get in depth about the battles cause i don't wanna write 20 pages...but they are what makes the game enjoyable for many hours. In battle you are free to move in any direction you want within the battle field, and u use AP(ability points) instead of MP. Each character has a button for their attack(X,O,Square,Triangle) and they attack the moment you press it if you have enough AP for an attack. So you can create some wicked combos. My max so far is 83 hits. That's all i will say for now, suffice to say that the system definitely takes practice. Beware though the game itself(except battles) are side scrolling. But don't let that sway you. Give it a good hour or more before you put it back in the mailbox. There are so many variables in the game like item creation, soulstones, skills, and about 27 characters (i think), and a very good storyline. Any game that involves gods and demons tends to be fun. All the gods and spirits in the game come from Viking legend. Odin is the king god etc..... Final verdict. Great game for advanced players and moderate alike. Great story, fun gameplay, endless skill/soulstone combos, good graphics
Maybe a 10 was a bit overkill but i'm in a generous mode today ;-)

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GF Rating

Very Good

Like the Original? I think not.

posted by Lufie101 (PITTSBURGH, PA) Aug 25, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

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I'd hate to compare this game with the original Valkyrie Profile, so I won't.

First off, I really did enjoy this game, but I just couldn't handle another difficult thing. The Learning Curve for this game can get very steep. If you like complicated systems, this game is for you. I tried to utilize all the game concepts as much as I could, and I really couldn't enjoy much of the storyline without dealing with the harsh battles and explanations.

Good Things: Very unique. Many different systems and characters to choose from. Addicting storyline.

Bad Things: Very harsh to learn everything. Almost the same concept every dungeon.

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