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The Novel

posted by airave (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Jan 2, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

This was a great game, with a vast story line.
I will own it someday :) then i will replay it with every option available. that is all.

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posted by Pathman (DURHAM, NC) Dec 15, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

This game is about as close to perfect as they come...a gem in a sea of mediocrity. Beautiful animation, great game play, a completely immersive universe, great story, dynamic characters, and a fantastic score.

The cons are fairly small - parts of the story were a bit campy for me and some of the dialogue a bit cheesy.

I felt that the history book method of telling the story was a good idea and advanced the plot well, but it did break up the game play a bit. This isn't really a game you can sit down and play for a few minutes!

The game is set up as if you are reading about everything that happened in a history book. In addition to the episodic game play chapters, there are "tabs" that contain histories, biographies, and weapon\equipment info. There is also a "headquarters" section where you can train, level up, fine tune your squad etc. There is also a section where you visit an old guy at a graveyard who sometimes teaches you new abilities - these abilities are costly (in experience) and you often can't afford them. However, he teaches them at random and often teaches nothing at all. This can be frustrating if you "save up" only to find he has nothing to teach. Eventually you learn to check in with him first, but it's annoying never the less.

I am not sure about repeat play-throughs... i did only rent the game, so I sent it back as soon as I finished it, but i could see myself playing through it again if i owned it. I do think that i'll keep my savegames just in case i decide to buy it. I did think about hanging on to the game to keep getting my character stats up and play through the skirmishes, but there are other games on my Q that i want to try - so, although i hesitated, i did return it. i'll likely buy it when the price comes down a bit more

bottom line - this game is fun! Even if you're not a fan of the genre it's perfect for a rent and a must-own if you are! enjoy

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amazing RPG

posted by Cortelll (BELLE, WV) Dec 14, 2008

Member since May 2006

First of all, I picked up this game, because the PS3 doesn't have a lot of selection on RPG's. I was surprised that the game was as fun as it was.

It starts a little bit slow, and a little bit cartoonist, but after you figure out the battle mode, and you start getting into the team upgrades and squad characters, it becomes a great game to play.

This game is based on a science fiction world, kind of like WWII. The story is based around the powers of legendary warriors named the Valkyria. The characters have a great story line, and you get attached to their personallities right away. There is a lot of story line involved in the game, but the battles will challenge your strategy skills!

If you like RPG, you should get this game.

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