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This game is so. freaking. amazing!

posted by Nutmeg (TIVERTON, RI) Jul 21, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

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I'm so hooked that I've kept this game "at home" way longer than I should have. I ended up using the ''keep it'' option, because it will probably save me money in the long run!

It's a beautiful game, the graphics are simple and beautiful, with a sketchy, illustrated quality to them. The gameplay is awesome, I love the combination of strategy and action! The characters each have their own histories, likes and dislikes, and great personalities--I can find myself really caring about them, and not wanting them to die. It really makes me play the game better.

If you like RPG's with a healthy mix of strategy and action, lovable characters, clear objectives, and a very enjoyable storyline, go with Valkyria Chronicles. It's a good bet.

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love it or hate it

posted by thelazyguy (MOUNT JUDEA, AR) Jul 6, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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I dont think i was ever this exicted about a game before this one.I love how they put the rpg and the rts together becouse i play both. It takes a special person to get really like this game because its a mixed game

The graphics are great if u like the drawing style it doesnt really look high def but its nice to look at.

The combat is very unique. it takes the rts stratagy with a 3rd person shooter style combat with rpg elements.

The problems with this game is that most people that play 3rd person shooters arnt used to the long battles,strategy,and type of story it has.another problem it has is that you can get really mad at this game.You can really get attached to the charecters but they can die wich makes it really frusturating.Also the battles can be so long that if you lose you just want to quit.

I liked this game for the most part it had what i wanted and deliverd really well.I just got so mad at the game that i didnt enjoy it some of the time which is really frusturating when you really want to like the game

If you like all gameing or rts you should check this out if your more hardcore fastpaced shooter prepare to get mad.

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very yes

posted by thinkbomb (KAYSVILLE, UT) Apr 24, 2009

Member since Mar 2007

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

I'm a bit short on time, so I'll be brief with the review ...

STORY = Very good. the characters are convincing, it deals with mature topics (racisim, death, etc) from a very well done standpoint, and the politics actually make sense for the most part. Coming from the RPG genre that's saying a ton!

GRAPHICS = absolutely wonderful, it's seriously the best part of the game. The fact that you can sometimes mistake ingame stills for concept art says it all.

GAMEPLAY = It's basically a modification of the Tactical RPG formula. You move your units around the field (real time active control) and aim your shots in over the shoulder view. However, when you move the enemies can take shots at you if you're in range; which means you can position your troops around the field for strategic interception of the enemies. It takes a bit getting used to, but it's definitely one of the best battle systems out there.

Unfortunately the game takes some time to warm up, it isn't until the 4th real mission that the game comes into bloom. So make sure you give it some time.

So yeah, really this is an excellent title worth getting. :D

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