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Very Good

Solid stratagy. Different approach.

posted by Requiescat (MILWAUKEE, WI) Feb 17, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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I don't own many SEGA games, although I grew up with the Master System and a Genisis, SEGA hasn't impressed me much with the developing third party installments since they flew the white flag in the last console war.
Valkira Chronicals is more solid then I expected. Suprising me with unique artisic graphics style and real time action during the turn baised combat.
Some of the negitives are the user interface and character devolopment. Both being clumsy and uninspiring.
That being said, it's a great game for the stratagy game hearted. I would shy away from it if your an occasonal player. I put over sixty hours into it, so you'll get your dollars worth. Add in the great cut senes and better than expected voice acting, and you've got a winner.
Can't wait for a deeper and smoother PS3 sequal.

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Next-Gen is here!

posted by valentine3 (SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL) Dec 1, 2008

Member since Aug 2003

59 out of 67 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

I'm not the kind of person who writes reviews, but this one calls for action! This game is incredible. This rich, story-driven game flows with simple fighting mechanics. Simple to use, fun to master. I haven't died this many times in a game and came back to play some more since Super Mario World. And, we all know how incredible that game was.

Graphics/Style: It looks as if each shot in the game was done by a real fancy street sketch artist. Like, one with a funny goatee and horn-rimmed glasses.

Genre/Bender: A little RPG, a little RTS with a personal one on one feel, a little level grinding, a little bit awesome. Did I mention it cross over characters from Skies of Arcadia- Vyse and Aika (sorry Dreamcast peoples and your Eternal Arcadia, I played that game first on Gamecube)

Hours of Gameplay is around 25 (for people with way to much time on their hands) and 35 hours for someone like me.

Over this past weekend I have played Mirror's Edge and Valkyria Chronicles and finally, FINALLY I feel like I'm playing next generation titles. They're GENIUS!

Tell your friends, tell you parents, tell your friends parents and your parents friends: They need to buy this game and support creative visionaries for us hardcore gamers. The better the sales, the better a chance for a sequel, the better the chance for a sequel to Skies of Arcadia. Just Sayin'.

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What can I say...

posted by redwolv (MESA, AZ) Jul 31, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

What can I say to give this game the credit it deserves. I don't really know but here is what I can say.

Story; A very good story filled with twist in turns. Over the course of the game I fell in love with all the the units in the game even to the point that I actually cried abit during one cutsceen.

Graphics; alot of reveiws I have read about this and similiar games is that the graphics suck, but that is not the case. This game is built so its should not look realalistic. If you don't like anime based Graphics this might not be for you.

Gameplay; Gameplay starts out alittle slow giving you control of just afew people(3) and gradually raising the numbers to (8-12). The battles are all based off real battles from the past, mostly from WWII considering that is the time this game is based near. One battle is based of D-day.

All in all this game is a 10/10 in my books. Fun, enjoyable, a great time passer, and even with a few hidden jokes, hehe. Rent it.

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