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posted by TBlake (FRANKLIN, PA) Feb 3, 2011

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5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I have mixed feeling about this game so instead of a review im writting an insight that should be helpfull.First lets start with all the bad coplaints and reviews if you notice the things people are complaining about is what makes a rpg and these reviews would make final fantasy 7,8 an 9 bad games those are the classics that set the standards so much so that square itself couldnt keep up lol.Im hearing teedious leveling, high shop prices, and confusing quest,sounds like an rpg to me.The game does have some setbacks like ALL games do! but if you fix what people are complaining about you no longer have an rpg,as for the sound so what! really if thats such a problem listen to your stereo while playing.Alls im gonna say is sorry parents your kids cant handle this game and sorry gamers its not oblivion, its a wii game a rpg and its own title.So give it a rent and send it back your not payin big buck to try it out and for the true rpg gamers you can buy this on amazon for $10.00 i'll play with ya."live free play hard"!!!

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1/3 of this game's engine works????

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Nov 20, 2010

Member since May 2010

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Melee Works but the rest doesn't! This game is fine from a melee standpoint! But Archers and mages are another story entirely!
Melee- just lock on, run up and hack away, and you can steam-roll alot of bad guys! If you need to heal just pop in some medicine, or ready a healing spell, or just wait and you will heal up in due course!
Ranged combat and magic-Another matter entirely! No target sights available, so manual aiming is out of the question, unless you want to blind shot the game! Only alternative is to lock-on a target, but sadly this does not work either! lock on really only works for melee weapons! Lock-on can provide some guidance, but that is not the real issue, however! Ranged and magic requires you to enter "firing" mode in which your character stops, in order to aim, but you have to get close to the enemy to use your abilites, then as you're ready to take your shot and the enemy just comes up and hits you, thus knocking you out of firing mode! You can't out run these enemies either since even the slower ones can easily keep up with you! If you re-enter firing mode they will just hit you again, and you will have nothing to show for it except that your character will be either out of mana, out of ammo, or worst on the brink of death! Firing mode is the deal breker here since the computer will end up getting a bunch of free cheap hits if you try to use either ranged weapons, or spells!
Shame on XSEED for making such a lop-sided game!!! There are better XSEED games out there than this! Get a psp and try Vahalla Knights 1 and 2; you ciould also try the Dungeon Maker series as they have contributed to that series as well! They really shouldn't try to destroy one of their own treasured gaming series just to make a quick-buck........... It is sad... really, really sad...

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Hack & Slash away

posted by decapad (BRONX, NY) Oct 3, 2009

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Member since Dec 2007

11 out of 18 gamers (61%) found this review helpful

Hello - to me this is nothing more than a mindless hack & slash dungeon crawler. To make it even worse - the hacking & slashing ain't all that. Usual mission based story with early PS2 graphics. I chose a mage character - you're given enough MP for about 3 WIMPY spells so I end up using my cruddy dull knife to fight off these goofballs. Brilliant. There's a few crates & boxes to smash open along the way - hmmm - fun. There's equipment to buy - problem is with the interface - for the life of me I can't find the stats of the pieces for sale! Nothing like plunking down $6000 for a piece of armor that's worse than the one you already have. You get a sidekick - well they call them Mercs. You of course have to buy them - problem is they last about 5 fights till they're pushin flowers. I gave the game about 3 hours & had enough. To bigger & better games ahead, my best, D

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