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Go Somewhere Else for Your Vacation

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 13, 2010

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Going on vacation isn’t a bad idea; it’s even better when you go to a beach and catch waves and surf. But not all vacations are created equal (or programmed equal)
In Vacation Isle: Beach Party, you (with up to three other vacationers) go to a resort and take on eight mini games (yes, this is a dreaded Wii mini game compilation).
The eight games are: Ski Jump Mayhem, Slalom Madness, Wake Boarding, Surf‘s Up, Stand Up Paddling, Stunt Park, Fire Dancing, and Hula Dancing.
Selecting the games can be hard because the map doesn’t tell you where each game is - you’ll have to find out where each one is yourself (selecting the Surf’s Up game is really annoying).
When I got to the games, I found that almost every single one of them (all but the dancing games) has the same objective: Guide your guy or gal through a series of obstacles, go through rings, and gather up gold and silver coins. The only difference? The controls.
With great track design (and with a vast number of tracks) this part could be exciting, but I wasn’t thrilled by any of those mini games. I felt like I was just wading through a river, going from point A to point B.
As for the dancing games, they give you the same as a standard rhythm based music game gives - shake the Wiimote/Nunchuck or use thumbstick when prompted. And that’s it.
The game makers try to pad the meager content with the option of using the silver or gold coins you get in the games to buy more clothing for your avatar or different looking equipment.
But this is all just for looks - you don’t get any better performance with any surfboard/water skiis/wakeboard/any other piece of equipment on sale here.
If you’re looking for a good game that is set on a tropical island, I suggest Wii Sports Resort, and not Vacation Isle: Beach Party. SKIP IT.

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