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Urban Reign

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390 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Urban Reign

Directional Buttons Movement. Target Body Regions. Select Menu Item.
X Button Run (Press Again to Stop)
Triangle Button Grapple (With Direction for Grapple Location)/Cancel Grapple. Weapon Attack. Double Attack (When Facing 2 Enemies).
Square Button Dodge. Deflect. Grapple Break (With Same Direction Enemy Pressed to Grapple). Quick Recovery (Before Hitting Ground). Dash Dodge (While Running).
Circle Button Strike (With Direction for Strike Location). Use Found Recovery Item. Weapon Attack.
L2 Button Taunt
L1 Button Pick Up or Discard Weapons or Items
R2 Button Issue Partner Command
R1 Button Lock Target
Start Button Pause. Start Game.
Select Button Camera Zoom In/Out
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Movement. Target Body Regions. Select Menu Item.
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Move Camera. Switch Target.
R3 Button Reset Camera
Combo #1 Circle + Down = Down Strike Attack (Enemy on Ground)
Combo #2 Triangle + Down = Down Grapple Attack (Enemy on Ground)
Combo #3 Press X During Grapples = Grapple Dash Attack
Combo #4 Triangle, Circle = Grapple - Strike Attack
Combo #5 X + Square = Throw Weapon
Combo #6 Circle + Triangle + Direction = Special Arts
Combo #7 Circle + Direction (During Dash) = Dash Attack
Combo #8 Circle Just Before Enemy Attacks = Counter
Combo #9 Press Circle Repeatedly When Surrounded = Auto Target Combo
Combo #10 Press Triangle or Circle While Running = Run-Up Attacks

R2 Button Call Partner and Open Partner Command Display
Combo #1 R2 + Triangle = Call for Help on Locked-On Enemy
Combo #2 R2 + Circle = Split Up
Combo #3 R2 + Square = Pass Weapons
Combo #4 R2 + X + Switch Fighters and Control Your Partner