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Very Good

Short, but lots of Fun for my Kids

posted by Nikikins (MAPLE GROVE, MN) Aug 31, 2009

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My two boys (ages 9 and 7) had a great time playing this game together, although it was completed in about 6-8 hours of gameplay. One player gets to be the little boy from the film, and the other is the old man. They had to work together, which caused a little bit of yelling at each other ("C'mon!! You did it wrong! You messed me up!")... but overall it was great to see them working together and re-living the fun of a great movie. (And I was so happy to see my favorite character... Doug the talking dog!)

This is a great example of why I love GameFly... this filled a few hours of summertime, and we parents weren't out the full price of a game that only lasted a short time.

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Doesn't Quite Live Up to Expectations

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 28, 2009

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With another kid friendly movie coming out, you can be sure that they'll be a game based on the film.
And you can almost bet that game will be average to awful. Up, the game based on the latest Pixar film, is more average the awful.
The game sort of follows the plot of the film, but for the most part, you're in a 3D platformer; you go from point A to point B, you solve simple puzzles (like pushing blocks over and cutting rope), you make a few jumps and you fight off the bad dogs (no biscuit for you, doggies.)
Almost all the platforming elements have been done before, and once you've played the first level, you've seen almost everything that the other nine platforming levels have to offer. There's nothing new or thrilling here.
The fighting the dogs bit, on the other hand, is awful. All you do is wait for the right time to hit the B button a few times to knock it dizzy. Then you walk up to that dog and hit the B button again. This doesn't feel like fighting at all.
But there are a few, fun stages where you play as the dog named Dug, flying an airplane, shooting down other dogs in other airplanes (I'm not kidding about this).So what exactly are Carl and Russel (our heroes) doing in this game?
There's an evil guy who's up to no good, and it's' up to our heroes to stop him and save a strange bird.
Most players will be up to the challenge; it will take up to three hours for them to finish the single player mode.
There's a multiplayer mode where up to four players fly planes and try to one up each other by destroying either each other, a bunch of balloons, or teaming up to take on the villain's large blimp. (okay, I'll stop the up puns).
But the flying stages don't overcome the bland, repetitive single player mode in Up, the video game. SKIP IT.

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posted by tallmario365 (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 11, 2012

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I liked the game because of the muitiplayer mode me and my little brother played it and liked it rent this game now

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