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could be worse?

posted by shipwreck9 (VIENNA, VA) Dec 3, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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not up to par with any other games out today, let alone a ps3 game. although it was said before it seems like a recreated gauntlet legends. i played for an all of 30 min and had to put the controler down because it felt very repetitive. go for any other game but this!

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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

posted by ARK1993 (HERMON, ME) Jul 16, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

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I have always been a fan of the action role-playing genre. For the most part this genre has games that far exceed my expectations as a good game. Some titles that were good games in this genre were the Diablo games, Champions of Norrath 1 & 2, Bauldur's Gate 1 & 2 and many more. Unfortunately this game does not live up to the par that I had expected SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) to set. Even when their first two installments into the Untold Legends franchise were good. But I guess you would want me to tell you why this game is quite horrible. Well let's first start with the title screen.

When you start off they have the cutscene which looks good then they let you pick your character. First off you only have three character's to choose from? That was maybe an option in the late 1990s but now they should at least give you a choice of seven characters that you can customize to fit your specs. So you start the game off by fighting this horde of barbarians which is pretty straight forward, hack and slash your way through until you reach the barbarian king. And along the way you pick up armor and runes for your one and only weapon throughout the game.

So after you kill the king (barbarian king) you decide to go back to Dureth where you find that the kingdom is in ruins and the King went section 8 on everybody. So you go to the sky fortress where the king is and then he goes section 8 on you. So you escape and then your mission is to stop the king. So the rest of the game is pretty straight forward hack and slash. Then you finally get to the last level which is the sky fortress. Again its hack and slash. Then you get to the king. Again hack and slash. Then you win. He says how sorry he is and how he must work to rebuild the kingdom. Then you let him go. WHAT! Your character spent the whole game running through sewers, haunted forests and dungeons, just to hear "I'm sorry." This game sucks. It was like it was put together in a few months. Bottom line its bad.

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Very Good

The PS3 needs a good RPG, this one almost made it.

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Feb 14, 2009

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Member since Mar 2008

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The PS3 needs a great RPG, this one is not it, but it is near.
I heard bad reviews about this game everywhere but I gave it a try and was surprised. This is a decent game, highly flawed, but enjoyable enough to keep you interested.
The story is the thing that caught my eye, a group of elite team of knights called the Dragon Shade return to their kingdom to see that there great king has been corrupted and feeds off of the pain and suffering of others. Knowing that they must protect the kingdom by destroying there king, they begin a quest to defeat him. So there quest begins to stop the wretched king. The story is quite good and is very interesting and it should interest you. The graphics are rather good and the blood is a cool touch. The gameplay is good including the fighting. You take on dozens of baddies as either a warrior who carries a giant hammer, a female scout who is hot and carries two long swords, or the mage who uses magic and his staff. I recommend the warrior or scout because te mage is slow and his entire attacks evolve around magic.
The Over view camera is not good and the game should've used split screen for multi-player and a behind view for single. The level design isn't that great. You basically wander around and kill everything until a door opens and then you move on, and the new armor you find doesn't change your look until you find special enchanted armor. Character creation stinks, You choose your class and then the color of there clothes and that's it.

Pros: Decent gameplay, good graphics, cool upgrades and attacks. Awesome and intriguing storyline and the three classes are good. Multi-player is good for parties.

Cons: Over view camera stinks, level design could've been refined, new armor doesn't change your appearance, and character creation stinks.

I recommend renting this game for a party and you might find that you like it.

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