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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom


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Fun but Flawed

posted by Draicus (HAMPSTEAD, NC) Jan 24, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

The game is actually pretty darn fun in multiplayer. SOE did their absolute best to rip Champions of Norrath straight to the PS3 with a few minor tweaks. When playing the game, it feels quite a bit like Dark Alliance, Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (combo system) and a little bit of Justice League Heroes all mixed together. Sadly, the technical difficulties make it a little less fun to play, but you can get around them without too much hassle. The collision detection is HORRID, but it doesn't really kill the game. Just makes you hang your head in shame for SOE. This game was obviously rushed to meet the launch date.

Fault's aside, hacking your way through the game with a friend or two is a lot of fun.

Graphically Dark Kingdom is a bit lacking. It looks very much like something you would see on the PS2 or Xbox with slightly higher resolution textures and a plethora of bloom lighting to hide it's shortcomings. The graphics aren't bad by any means, they just don't seem to stand up to other games coming out for the next-gen systems.

In the end, the game is at least worth a rental. It's a great bit of fun if you like hitting things and collecting money (essence) to purchase new armor, even though there are some rough spots in the game play that need to be worked out. Multiplayer is fun, even though the camera is annoying. Try the game before you make any judgments based on the bad reviews.

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posted by PanzerAce (Brooklyn, NY) Jan 20, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

Well, first of all - I really don't know how this game ended up like this. I mean, apart from the awesome online feature, where you can let others help you in your game and the promising story, everything just falls apart. When I first read reviews about repetitive gameplay.. I really did not mind but when I rented the game and started playing it, it really got frusterating. I mean I'm so anxious to know what's happening in the story but I have to wait for 2 hours pressing X till the next cutscene, that's how it feels.

Since it's launch so it can be excused but if they had put in a little more time and improved the gameplay, it would really turn out to be something good! I would rather play Resistance.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Sub par in almost every aspect.

posted by fletchdead (OREGON, OH) Jan 17, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

The playstation 3, for all its hype and comments of superiority has yet to prove that it is graphically superior to the Xbox 360. It also fails to prove that it can outshine the 360 in performance and our of the box thinking in original games. Nothing proves that point more that "Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom." To sum up the main points about this game
- Graphics are strangely last gen in feel
- Gameplay is horribly repetitive
- Online Play is not fun(lack of people to play with)
- Story is only marginally interesting.
- Camera Controls can be annoying at times(why cant I seem to get an angle out of the trees?).

I could go on. I think what makes this game worse is because of the hype that surround the PS3. Perhaps, on the PS2 or XBOX it would be a ok game at best. But given the promises of what it could have been, it makes all the worst.

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