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Pretty good game.

posted by Noxious (WILLOUGHBY, OH) Apr 24, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

27 out of 33 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

This was the first game I bought for my PS3 and I actually like it a lot.

Pros: The battling is awesome. I love button smashing games because pulling combos that exceed the buttons you press is just amazing. You're pulling combos after the enemy has already died and it's rather humorous. It's a good way to see what combos look like if you haven't practiced them already.

The graphics are really decent. It's so much nicer playing it on an HD tv. It even looks really nice on a 1080i tv.

The music is awesome. I think the soundtrack is great.

I also love the weapons customizations. I like how they took FFX's weapon creation design and applied that concept to create something unique that fits the game.

The enemies are pretty abundant and it's kept me entertained for hours.

The cons: The voice acting is a little lame, but all in all it's not that bad. I also think that the character's faces are kind of funky looking, but that's to be expected with some games.

The worst things in the game are the glitchiness and the camera angles.

Occasionally during the battles it jumps around and you're just like, what was that? But it's not that common so it's not something that makes the game unplayable.

The camera angles are something else though. You have no control of the angles except to move it left or right. It's really annoying when you're using all of your fingers to fight and you get stuck with trees in your face. That's when it's nice to have a second player change it for you.

If you can get past those two things, I think most players will enjoy the game. Despite the fact that I hate the angles, I'm addicted to the game. It's prolly not something that I would play again, so I'll probably sell it on Ebay, but I think this is one of those games that it's worth to pay the fourty bucks for it to play it all the way through.

Also, if you wanted to play online you can. I haven't yet, so I can't review that. Perhaps that will come later.

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GF Rating

Above Average

When great PS3 titles fall short of the mark...

posted by jrhager84 (CALDWELL, ID) Jan 30, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

28 out of 38 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

This one really hurt me. It has an upside, and a downside.


Graphics are INTENSE. The particle/visual effects in-game are amazing, how your weapon blurs the background when you swing, and the detailed particle bursts when things explode (exploding barrels <3) Watching your character rotate while in your inventory is simply breathtaking. Very high texture models, fairly smooth framerate(which will be delved into on the 'downside' section) and simple menu design. I also love the physics engine in the game. Dead baddies ragdolling everywhere is a wonderful sight to behold....but...


When they do ragdoll, most glitch into the ground, or miraculously "appear" somewhere else, as if they don't know where to fall. Some enemies just stand fixed to the ground, merely waiting to get slaughtered, not even to bat an eye (or club) [see Gothic III for severe enemy retardation] These problems are only compounded with a VERY inconsistent framerate when more than 5 or 6 baddies are on-screen at once. This makes for a TERRIBLE gaming experience. Also, the plot/voice acting (or lack thereof) really makes it hard to engross yourself in the gaming experience. Almost ZERO character interaction means loooooooooooong levels fighting the same 3-4 enemy types until you finally beat a "boss" (which can hardly be called a boss because they're marginally harder to beat than any average bad guy) and then you listen to a paragraph or two of horrid voice acting, then BAM! Right back into the mindless enemy-bashing mayhem. It gets rather ho-hum after 2-3hrs of solid play, but still has enough charm for me to pick it up every now and again. If you liked Champions of Norrath, you'll appreciate where this game was trying to go. Gauntlet fans will feel right at home with this one [shudders]

Online play:

Boring, chatless game means you never really feel "connected" to your users, so it's just like any other NPC battling alongside you.

Good rent game, HORRIBLE buy game. Yay Gamefl

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GF Rating

Very Good

UNTOLD LEGENDS continues . . .

posted by Gamer251 (BARRINGTON, RI) Dec 13, 2006

Member since Jun 2004

15 out of 20 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I don't agree with the other user reviews.

If you have a high definition tv the graphics are awesome! On a regular tv the graphics were not awesome at all. In fact that was the reason I bought a HD TV because I was tired of games where I couldn't read the type or the graphics weren't so great because it was made for HD.

I usually avoid hack 'n slash games but there was something about this one that kept me playing it.

I played as the "warrior" on the "courageous" setting and I beat the game. I never once felt bored.

I loved the "Black Hole" ability and the "thunder" ability. The black hole was really awesome when I was surrounded with non stop enemies and it sucked in any nearby enemies as well. When the black hole didn't work on a particular enemy, the thunder usually did, and the only other ability I needed to use was the long range one when the other two didn't work on a particular enemy.

All in all I thought the game was pretty cool. I did level up to level 45 which made fighting the enemies a whole lot easier. I especially liked the levels where I had the chance to save people and they in turn helped out in a later level.

If you liked Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade, you will like this one. My only complaint is the levels that were really dark and I had a hard time seeing, especially the one where I had to move 4 columns onto 4 plates and I couldn't see the plates. But the plates were shown on the map which did help.

I loved that there were plenty of "shrines" (saves) available and that I could buy health/mana at these shrines which I needed to do quite a lot at the beginning, but once I levelled up good, was only necessary once or twice.

My advice, rent the game and judge for yourself, I always do. Gamefly has given me the chance to try out any game I ever thought might be good and saved me tons of money!

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