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Fun for the whole morbid family!

posted by Wolfen (BREWTON, AL) Nov 17, 2006

Member since May 2005

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Ah, finally, a GOOD SHOOTER on the PS2, aside from Half-Life. Now this game rocks, even as outdated as it might be. This is like a Multiplayer Haven. If you have three friends, which I hope you would, this can be an excellent, if not slightly limited, game.

Single Player. Awesome, but lonely. No story, don't need one. Just annihilation of the enemy(ies). No need to explain. Just play.

Multiplayer. Unbeatable. This is the real meat. However, in terms of choice, there's only 2 modes in Multiplayer in comparison to 4 in Campaign/Practice.

Gameplay. Excellent. You get a bunch of guns (and a chainsaw/hammer) and shoot the bajeesus out of each other. Guns range from a handgun to a rocket launcher to even a blade slinger. And they handle pretty well, all guns having two modes of fire. TWO!

Controls. Oh boy, this will turn off most novices to the shooter genre. It takes a long time to get used to, but if you modify it, this scheme works wonders. One stick is used for left/right movement and up/down viewing, while the other is used for the opposite: foward/backward movement and left/right viewing. This can be hard to use at first, but it works well.

Graphics. I can't honestly say they are great, but they are good enough. The guns look nice and distinct and the explosions, while they do look canned, look great. Blood can be toggled, so even little kiddies can play as there is no swearing or drugs.

Overall. Great. Excellent. Kick-Butt. Just buy this for pete's sakes. If you don't, and you can afford it, like shooters, and have a PS2, you are just sad. Unreal even.

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Just read and you will understand

posted by derhpehs (CONROE, TX) Mar 16, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

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UT was a game for the kids cant believe it got a mature rating it should of gotten a teen rating the game play was horrible it played like I should of had a key board if you know what. I mean the graphics were, well I'm not going to get in to that but what would you expect from a game made in 2000 the reason it got a four is well i don't know. No game is truly a ONE and if people say it is they don't know how to play or they didnt take the time to learn all the controls

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simply outstanding

posted by Impact9 (ROSE HILL, KS) Apr 27, 2009

Member since Mar 2006

epic has made an amazing game that started the tournament

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