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Unreal Tournament III

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thought this would be better

posted by clockwork (STAFFORD, NY) Jul 14, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

it did not have one of my pav modes in it from ut 2004 for pc all any one uses in on line play is the rocket one hit kill so annoying using the cheapest weapon in the game and it respawns like in a sec so u can just keep geting it that is annoying most people get their kill from the rocket that is my most problem with the game my other problem is the way the online is set up it is kinda like gears of war and the face u can loose connection in the middle of the match is dumb and it takes u out of the game and in to the main menu and the fact u can join in the middle of a match is dumb like i joined a match that was up to 50 kills and the top guy had 40 wen i joined of course i was not going to win i also joined a game and as i joined i lost with out even playing in the match

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It can't be a 10 because no game is that good

posted by MagicNinja (THEODORE, AL) Jul 12, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

Alright, this game rules. Bottom line.

The graphics are amazing. The controls are perfect. My only complaint is the single player.

I know, I know... This is a Multiplayer game, but the single player is just awful. The story is alright, but the awful comes with your teammates. The enemy A.I. is pretty tacticle, but for some reason they decide to put mentally ill people on your team.

I have kicked so much anus on a match and lost only because my dumb teammates. I would die in a match 5 times and kill at least 30 enemies. My teammates on the other hand die 30 times and only kill 5 enemies. And CTF games are just... ugh, words can't even describe it. Just think of every vulgar word and phrase you know and throw them all into a blender. After that, you have the best word to describe your games of CTF.

See, the fact is that if you're going to put a single player campaign on a multiplayer game, you should at least make sure it works. It seems more like something they just tacked on. So it feels very cheap. If they made the enemy BOTS as smart as they are, why didn't they make your teammates capable of coherent thought. Not to mention giving them some good lines rather than Girl:"Why am I always the first to be shot!?!"

Maybe it's because you're 20 years old, you still wet the bed, you drool constantly, and there's a big target on your anus!

Anyways, beside the lack of intelligent teammates, this game is great. It's worth a buy. If you have no interest in playing much online and want it for the single player, look elsewhere.

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