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Unreal Tournament III

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A True Game

posted by XxUBERxX (KENSINGTON, MD) Jul 18, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

The thing with unreal tournament is that some people don't play it enough to get used to it. Look, if you are planning on getting this game, chances are your going to put it in your xbox, sit down, and play online(For people with live.) Now, as usual, Unreal Tournament games are meant to be extremely fast paced. So people that are playing this franchise for the first time are are going to have a hard time with it at first. "Single Player Has No Story" is what somebody said. Well, its Unreal Tournament 3... don't you think there is a story behind the other 5 games? Yes, It actually did start as an arcade game. Online play is what we call, amazing. Great graphics, new weapons, new abilities... Somebody else said the PS3 version has like 60 maps or something like that, and the xbox had only 16? Well, shame on you for thinking epic wouldn't release downloads for different maps on marketplace, the most capable and vast online store. Also the map editor is terrible, and to make up your own maps take up a huge amount of memory.
You really do have to get used to this game, and when you do, trust me, your going to be getting calls from gamefly wanting it back.

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Unreal Tournament 3 deserves a 3

posted by SwableKing (BELLWOOD, IL) Jul 17, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

UT3 is complicated in a sense. The game has excellent graphics, good gameplay and awesome weapons. But the Horrible excuse for a campaign mode and barbaric language make this game fall. All this game really has is its multiplayer and I dont believe that will be enough to quell New buyers. More innovative and new game modes would have made the game more tolerable.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Fair at best…

posted by forrealb50 (Manassas Park, VA) Jul 17, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

I thought UT3 was entertaining for about 10 hours of game play – that’s an absolute max. If you are interested in the game for the campaign, don’t bother renting it. There are a bunch of missions however; it’s the same “level” on a slightly different map and exact same story every time. After the 2nd chapter your eyes will glaze over and before you know it, the campaign is finish. Only rent the game with the intent of playing with a few of your buddies, otherwise you will never turn it back on.

I can't rate the online game play because I couldn't stand to play anymore. I sent it right back to GameFly and now I'm waiting for Bad Company!

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