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Unreal Tournament III

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My Top Favorite Game & Shooter, Period

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Jul 14, 2008

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I just got this game and wow, just incredible. My most favored runner up game next to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. I think that’s more than fair to say! The graphics are the most detailed the levels of precision & depth to the game! I just picked my jaw off the floor drenched & my senses immersed from such an intelligent game to hit the booming market of hardcore gamers & shooter fans alike.

Better yet, I think almost anyone who enjoys an addictive game play, who won’t want to put down there controller, can enough say that Unreal & Unreal Technologies brings to the highest respect & loyalty to us as the consuming gamers to test drive & keep on cruise control & then ignite the scene with huge environments, massive multiplayer capabilities, an all around, beyond well made piece of software that needs to be reckoned with!

The multiplayer has to be my most favorite feature, PERIOD! There is next to nothing that you cannot do. I will advise for those who have Xbox Live, you will need to invest in Point Cards & have some cash stashed away, because the maps will run about 600 points per map that you may or may not have.

The easy of use, the guns, ahhhhh the guns, must love the rocket launcher, must not...blow up...teammate...for the fun...of much fun.. You’ll see! It’s one of the Top 2 games of addiction, next to also cupcakes by Hostess, Little Debbie Oatmeal Crème Pies, & the invention of sliced bread. I stress this, because it’s all true in my view.

It’s well worth it. For those who haven’t ever been baptized into the holy essence of Unreal, this is now the time to go out, & purchase one of the absolute, hands down, most breath-taking games to date. I’ll recommend this game as a rental, you have to rent it & furthermore, once you play it, you’ll see why I come to appreciate & take highest passion when it comes to games. For all gamers out there, this is a winning golden ticket of a valuable gamer to ever hit the 360! Enjoy my fellow gamers!

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Really Fun!

posted by Mosizzy (COLLEGEVILLE, PA) Jul 15, 2008

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I picked this game up on release date, and it was very well worth it. The campaign consists of you and your AI teammates fighting against other bots in game types such as team death-match, capture the flag, and an assault type game where you have to link your teams nodes to the enemies prime core in order to attack their main core. It sounds confusing but it very easy to learn once you start playing. This game is very fast-paced, which makes it fun. The aiming system is pretty difficult do to the fact that everyone is flying around your screen, but if you get the hang of it you will be in good shape for online. Campaign is fun, but if your playing on normal difficulty your AI team-mates sometimes get glitched at spawn and provide you with no back-up. Other than this I would say that online is very fun, with a wide variety of maps and weapons. I highly recommend this game to all types of gamers, even if your not a big fan of shooters. This game involves innovative strategy and is very rewarding after you defeat your opposition, even if it very frustrating at times. 9/10 only due to the glitchy AI.

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Above Average

Better with friends... annoying without

posted by MeatLander (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) May 4, 2009

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This game is based around the idea of multiplayer online matches. There is a singleplayer campaigne mode, but the individual missions are little more then online matches played against computer opponents.

It's not a bad game, but it's not a good game either. Personally, I'm a big fan of the story in video games. This game... is kind of lacking in that aspect. They do a decent job of trying to work in the idea of playing capture the flag as a real war-time strategy but not well enough to keep you interested. I'm a few stages from beating it and I have no real idea what's going on. Humans fight aliens... that's all I can really gather (I guess I should have played the other Unreal games first?).

It's a fun game when you play with friends... but alone, it gets stale and frustrating quickly. The computer AI is the Computer AI regardless of what team it's on... so in Singleplayer you are the only real advantage your team has. Which sounds fine until you realize that these are games/maps that require team effort. It's hard to get the computer to cooperate with your plan and trusting the computer alone often ends in distaster.

For instance, my team had a hard time protecting key nodes in "warfare" mode without my help. They also struggled to take new nodes without me... I can't be two places at once.

Another flaw, you can't choose game types in the campaigne... I don't like Capture the Flag but I have no choice but to play a bunch of capture the flag rounds.

There's a few loading delays that get old... and it's hard to see how far you are into the game making it seem like the game will never end. But, the maps are well designed and the game does a good job of keeping old ideas fresh.

You can play campaign in coop and you can adjust the dificulty and still earn the achivements. That's worth something. Also, I haven't had too much trouble finding people online... which is good considering how old the game is.

It's better with friends. Alone, not so

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