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Universe at War: Earth Assault


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Gameplay Controls

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Universe at War: Earth Assault
Left Thumbstick
Move Camera. Move Cursor.
Right Thumbstick
Up/Down = Zoom In/Out on Map. Left/Right = Rotate Camera. Rotate Selected Structure.
Click Right Thumbstick
Reset Camera
A Button
Select Units/Structures. Select Options. Attack Enemy (When Cursor Is Over Enemy Space). Focused Attack (Double Tap Over Enemy Space).
B Button
Deselect Units/Structures. Cancel Ability.
Left Trigger
Enter Sell Mode
Access Abilities or Upgrades
Select Group of Units
Move Units
Select a unit, move the cursor over an open area and press the A Button again to move the unit. Or double tap the A Button to move all selected units at top speed.
Create Custom Units
Cycle Through Established Groups