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Solid RTS experience slightly marred by slow down.

posted by Extimp7 (HARRISBURG, IL) Apr 1, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

19 out of 21 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

I tend to be a RTS buff and have spent my fair share of time with Starcraft, Warcraft, Empire Earth and alike. So I was pretty excited to play this game. I've spent about 3 hours with it and thus far it is a very solid RTS.

The Game play mechanics are interesting for each race and the story is compelling enough. The controls, which I was concerned wouldn't translate well to console, have made the jump effectively and in some ways perfectly from their pc origins.

The biggest issue I have is the frame rate slow down that occurs when you have multiple units on-screen at once. I spend a lot of time/resources building up a large group, because lets face it that's where RTS is always fun, and when I march them into battle against a giant walker the game starts to seizure and I'm left waiting 4x longer than I need to for the outcome. Granted this could be my dated box, or it's condition but regardless the slow down takes away from an overall compelling experience.

I gave this a 7 because it is still a solid RTS at it's core and while the graphical issues mar the experience at times, the overall experience is satisfactory. If you are an RTS/SCI-FI fan, then this is definitely worth picking up and playing.

If you aren't, then it may still be worth checking out as the new control scheme and in depth tutorial may leave the genre more accessible to those who are otherwise daunted by control groups and hot keys.

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This game AWESOME.

posted by MAXBOY (PFLUGERVILLE, TX) Mar 26, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

33 out of 39 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

Now if you are a SCI-FI kind of person then you will love Universe at War this game has perfect controls and parts of it remind me of Halo 3.
Here are all the great things about this game.
1. It has fabulous controls.
2. It has very interesting game play.
3. Great online game play, free-for-all or whatever you like.
4. IT has around 15+ hours of game play.
5. Very Very impressive ending awesome but dont want to spoil that for you.

These are some dislikes about the game.
1. Graphics arent up to date with other next-gen games.
2. It is too easy but of course that is my opinion.
3. For me after around 5 or so hours I started to feel a little bored, but I pushed on threw and I am very glad I did, middle does Get a little boring thow.

After all this game is pretty fun and if you dont buy it you should at least rent it. But I think you should try the game and if you dont like it you can just send it back to GAMEFLY and somebody else a shot.

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How Can You Not Like This RTS?

posted by AceOfNades (SPARTANBURG, SC) Apr 7, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

16 out of 21 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Hello, I know many of you are thinking, another RTS for the 360? It's true that RTS's don't have the best rep on consoles but gus, this one has to be the most solid console RTS to date. For those few that have written reviews with anything less than a 7, how could you. There is no way you should base the game off of your 10 minuets or less of actual gameplay. It's an RTS after all, not a shooter. Patience in a must. but i digress. 1st off is the factions. You have the humans (Only Playable In Campaign), The Novus (A Race of highly advanced robots that come to earth to save humanity), The Hierarchy (my personal favorite, you know, the ones with the giant walkers), and lastly there's the Masari (the ancient alien race that inspired the egyptians and the aztecs). These 3 classes (not including humans) offer a wide range of infinite possibilities. Each class is geared towards a specific playing style that players will immediately identify. The races also have 3 unique heroes that are very well made. These heroes special abilities make battles and gameplay just that more fun! Moreover, each race has specific super weapons that look amazing and inflict massive amount of damage (such as summoning a lack hole inside your enemy's base and watch his soldiers be sucked up into oblivion!). The Flow Network (a network of power lines that allows for instant transport of any unit at super speeds) of the novus can provide hours of fun gameplay by just experimenting with the location of each tower. The hierarchy's walkers (The titanic red thing on the cover) just makes the game worth playing by itself. However, i come to you today not to offer you a poorly thought out review, but as a fellow gamer. We need more people on this amazingly fun game, Unfortunately, this game is often overlooked and will eventually go on to be forgotten. I am pleading to you, rent this game, Its extremely well thought out controlls make the gameplay easy to pick up and is truly a great RTS.

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