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Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure

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It would be easier to go to the real theme park...

posted by Muahahaha (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Aug 9, 2006

Member since Jul 2004

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Wow. Words fail me. The game had a little potential...and then blasted it to smithereens. The mini-games based on rides, that's cool. The mini games having lines, not cool. You don't even get a reward for beating the game. Really, unless your a 3 year old, don't rent this game. I'm serious, close the window, and find a better one.

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Why Rent This?

posted by reviewdude (GARDEN GROVE, CA) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

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Yes, it takes you back to blockbuster Universal films. Yes, it looks like the theme park in Florida and California. No, it is not a good game! This game tries to act like a game for kids, but one problem came up... IT'S RATED T FOR TEEN! Looks like they don't care because it is on shelves anyway.
Anyway, a Woodpecker is your guide to this park on your vacation and challenges you to ride all rides earning a stamp at each place. Actually, each ride is a mini game hidden as a ride which you have to complete for your stamp.
Yet, to take on your task you have to buy a hat from the woodpecker so you can enter. How do you get the hats? You earn money to buy it from. Where do you earn the money? You pick up trash.
It is very (and i mean VERY) simple. All you do is find trash which is very (VERY) easy to find. A simpler way is to shake an entertainers hand. All you do is shake his/her/it's hand to earn... 1,000 dollars! Talk about way to easy!
Last is the length of the game. It is extremely short! It can take you a day at the least! Give it a try if you love theme parks or movies, but NEVER buy it! I admit, it does provide a little entertainment. Enough to last you a very short week! Your to good to think about this so turn it down (unless you love theme parks or movies). Why rent this?!

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Why? I'll Tell you why...

posted by Snickers (SELDEN, NY) May 14, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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Why not to get this game. It is marketed to an extreme where it took me 2+ hours just to get 1 stamp to answer movie trivia, and how are kids suppose to know about r-rated movies? this game is so whack, although it may appeal to you don't lie to yourself your worth something better than this, may i suggest super smash bros., or perhaps paper mario for gamecube instead

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