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Universal Soldier


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GF Rating

18 ratings

Movie Details

Strong Graphic Violence, Strong Language

Movie Description

How do you create an unstoppable soldier? Use men who are already dead. Luc (Jean-Claude Van Damme) and Scott (Dolph Lundgren) are two rival Vietnam vets cryogenically frozen then brought back to life as part of a secret government program. The two are rebuilt as robotic fighting machines, otherwise known as UnisSols, and turned loose as part of a ferocious android SWAT team. But the two begin having flashbacks, which bring back strange memories of wanting to kill each other. It turns out that in their final days, Luc tried to stop Scott from a reckless genocidal killing spree. The two killed each other in the process. With Scott's psychotic side raging again, Luc must save himself and a reporter (Ally Walker) who threatens to expose the government's little robotic secret.

Specs & Requirements

Length 99

Theatrical Release Date 1992

Subtitles English, Spanish

Screen Format 16:9