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Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition


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GF Rating

50 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

New Order EASY Complete

New Order Mode EASY Difficulty Cleared

New Order EXTRA End

New Order Extra Mode Started

New Order EXTRA Start

New Order Extra Mode Started

New Order HARD Complete

New Order Mode HARD Difficulty Cleared

New Order NORMAL Complete

New Order Mode NORMAL Difficulty Cleared

New Order NORMAL End

New Order Mode Cleared

New Order 1-5 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE1-5 Cleared

New Order 2-1 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE2-1 Cleared

New Order 2-2 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE2-2 Cleared

New Order 2-3 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE2-3 Cleared

New Order 2-4 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE2-4 Cleared

New Order 2-5 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE2-5 Cleared

Arcade NORMAL Complete

Arcade Mode NORMAL Difficulty Cleared

Arcade NORMAL End

Arcade Mode Cleared

New Order 1-1 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE1-1 Cleared

New Order 1-2 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE1-2 Cleared

New Order 1-3 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE1-3 Cleared

New Order 1-4 Complete

New Order Mode STAGE1-4 Cleared

Arcade 2-4 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE2-4 Cleared

Arcade 2-5 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE2-5 Cleared

Arcade EASY Complete

Arcade Mode EASY Difficulty Cleared

Arcade EXTRA End

Arcade Extra Mode Cleared

Arcade EXTRA Start

Arcade Extra Mode Started

Arcade HARD Complete

Arcade Mode HARD Difficulty Cleared

Arcade 1-3 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE1-3 Cleared

Arcade 1-4 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE1-4 Cleared

Arcade 1-5 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE1-5 Cleared

Arcade 2-1 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE2-1 Cleared

Arcade 2-2 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE2-2 Cleared

Arcade 2-3 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE2-3 Cleared

7 Continues

Game Time of 5:00:00-5:59:59

8 Continues

Game Time of 6:00:00-6:59:59

9 Continues

Game Time of 7:00:00-7:59:59

Free Play(Unlimited Continues)

Game Time of 8:00:00 or more

Arcade 1-1 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE1-1 Cleared

Arcade 1-2 Complete

Arcade Mode STAGE1-2 Cleared

2 Continues

Game Time of 0:00:00-0:59:59

3 Continues

Game Time of 1:00:00-1:59:59

4 Continues

Game Time of 2:00:00-2:59:59

5 Continues

Game Time of 3:00:00-3:59:59

6 Continues

Game Time of 4:00:00-4:59:59