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For the win

posted by jabmad25 (PACHECO, CA) Apr 25, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Very Fun game, classic uncharted and great addition to the series. I Like it better than the third release on PS3. Graphic are solid, same game play style as ps3 but with added motion and touch features used by the Vita. It's worth adding to your library.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Good Launch Game

posted by LuckyBuck (BATTLE CREEK, MI) Apr 13, 2012

Member since Mar 2009

Nathan Drake is the coolest protagonist in video gaming today. Getting to play as Nathan Drake is always good idea because the Uncharted series's are all solid games. Golden Abyss is a nice addition to the lineup.

The Story

Going through the story of the game is fun and the pace is good for a portable game. You can play through a chapter pretty quickly but, the game does take a good chunk of time to play.

The Controls

The game can rely heavily on the touch controls. The good news is that you can turn them off or never use them. I am grateful, especially for a game that has console versions. I want my console and portable versions to be similar. The places you do need touch, like grenades or rubbings are fine.

Reply Value and Trophies

The reply is fine, play through hard then play through crushing gives the game a good length. Crushing is a good challenge until you get to Chapter 11, where you rely solely on luck to get through the chapter. I hate modern games that rely on luck. Chapter 11 is awful and such a waste of time. Speaking about a waste of time, the bounty trophies are a complete waste of time. I play MMO's, I understand grinding and trying to get random drops, but a cover based shooting game is not a genre that should have that. I had an easier time getting relic weapons in Final Fantasy XI then getting these bounties to drop. To get the bounties, I had to go on message boards, and friend request a bunch of people then have my Vita sit around and collect bounties on Near. Unnecessary and a waste of time.


Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a great launch title and possibly the best Playstation launch game of all time. That does not make this a great game. It is a decent game and a good addition to the Uncharted Series but, right now it is the worst game. It is worth playing, and fun to play through but, Chapter 11 Crushing and Bounty trophies are miserable and annoying.

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GF Rating


Fun Game - Minus Vita Features

posted by Reks (FRESNO, CA) Apr 10, 2012

Member since May 2011

Title says it all. The game is great. You'll hear lots of comparisons to the PS3 titles, mainly because a lot is expected from this franchise. Now. The game itself plays out like the others. So it's a great game. 10/10.

Then - add in the Vita features, and subtract two points. Why? Because they feel as if they were included just because this is a launch title. Running across logs, and then having Nate stop just to balance himself - psh. And the touchscreen features, nice as they are, they aren't as responsive as previewers made them out to be. Play the two boss battles on Crushing and you'll know what I'm talking about. It just didn't make sense in an action game, to stop, and swipe the screen - mid action - just to pull off certain finishing punches. 8/10.

Subtract another point for pacing. I honestly didn't know what was going on, nor did I care, until the game's end when I reached The Lake of Ghosts. Probably how the rest of the game should've went, but eh, the game's still good regardless. 7/10.

Oh yeah - it's portable too. The one thing everyone mentions.

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