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posted by tasmbx (BRONX, NY) Nov 30, 2007

Member since Oct 2005


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Just when you thought Platform games were dead!

posted by GoldGlove2 (CHICAGO, IL) Nov 30, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

Wow this game came out of nowhere!!

This brings "platform" gaming to a whole new level. Good mix of puzzle and 3rd person shooter action! Tomb raider was fun but made you take tedious time and steps to make sure you "make that jump" where as this game blends that climbing/jumping/pushing transition much more efficiently.

Many great weapons, get a Time Crisis type of shooting style in the sense you can hide behind objects to return fire to enemies. Pistols, Uzi's, powerful westchester, AK's, grenade launchers, turrets, you name it.

Enemies are hard to lock on to even on easy, they work as a team to flank your hiding spot, has great challenge.

I have not found a single thing wrong with this game so I'm going to just list off things I like about it:

- Best enemy AI I've seen next to CoD4!
- Various camera angles give you a real feel for the environment/setting
- Best graphics I have seen on any console
- Smooth gameplay, great scene transition, pitfall meets tomb raider
- Storyline keeps twisting keeping you on edge in your treasure hunt
- Voice acting done exceptionally well
- Extrememly fun to play!
- Character stays wet after you get out of water
- Swimming and water graphics are best I've ever seen
- Shading/lighting is amazing

I was skeptical of this game at first, the demo was fun, but the game is a blast. People say Assasin's Creed looks good? I've played both, AC doesn't hold a candle to this game in terms of views and level of detail.

This is a must have, best offline title for the PS3 to date (CoD4 is best online).

While CoD4 is having lag issues like it does every so often, Uncharted definately fills the void.

I've already clicked the keep it option, go buy this game!!

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by MrSche (MEMPHIS, TN) Nov 30, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

Nice story. Great graphics. Nice controls. Full of action, shooting, fighting and puzzles. There is some replay value if you want to go back through and find all of the treasures, thus the action packed adventure is one to be played twice.
Game Play - The shooting is realistic The enemy AI is good..The jumping and climbing ledges kinda reminds you of " PRINCE OF PERSIA ( Another great game )"
as well as the puzzles.
Graphics - Awesome. The jungle fights are even more challenging because of the forrest surroundings, kinda makes it hard to see you target at times.
Story - Good solid story that will keep you interested until the end. The ending has a vivid twist that brings this game back to the " GAME WORLD ", but not loosing much on reality.
GOOD GAME....would definitly recommend as BUY..

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